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Adventure Sports and Adventure Activities in Nepal

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Traveling is no fun without adventure. That is the reason why nothing can match the overwhelming experience and rush of Adventure Sports. They make everything look exciting and feel exhilarating, causing one to heal a boredom life. 

Extreme adventures are never easy to get by with. But that’s what makes them exceptional from regular sports and worth venturing. In that matter, Nepal has definitely left lots of countries behind offering electrifying adventure activities. 

The diverse topography of the country has aided to bring forward these adventure sports. Exceeding all other recreational activities, trekking indeed tops the list of best adventure activities. 

Himalayas hosts the most number of mountaineers alluring them with scenic views. The route to these treks provides a unique experience along with a hypnotic view of gleaming mountains.

Other than hiking, Nepal offers numerous other attractions which many people are unaware of. Visitors in Nepal can enjoy free fall with harnesses or go on rafting and even fly high. Nevertheless, it takes courage to put up with all these adventurous activities. 

For your convenience, we’ve listed some of the best adventure sports and adventure activities in Nepal

1. Everest Base Camp Trek 

There are hundreds of reasons to embrace Everest Base Camp Trek but not a single excuse to refuse it. It’s arguably one and only piece of art sculpted by nature so delicately that everyone gets pulled by.

Everything from the classic routes to unique landscapes and small remote villages makes the trek unforgettable. Besides, the region is brushed with vibrant valleys and green foliage which is incredible exploring. 

Everest Base Camp Trek is beyond surreal with the magnetic vista of snow-capped peaks. Travelers can take a glimpse of mountains starting from Lukla which includes Ama Dablam and Nuptse. 

2. White Water Fishing

If you’re a water sports enthusiast or fond of spending time in nature then this adventure is surely not to miss. White Water fishing in Nepal is treasured by most excursionists as it offers a mixed bag of fishing and sightseeing. 

Nearly every white river in Nepal comes with an abundant species of fish and staggering backdrop. The range of breeds can vary from Himalayan Golden Mahseer to Rainbow Trout, Mrigal, and Silver Carp. 

Some major rivers suited for white water fishing in Nepal includes Tamor, SunKoshi, and 

Balephi. Access to each spot is feasible and within reach. This leaves us with only thing to be anxious about and that’s your regular fishing gear. 

In order to catch these soft giants, you’ll at least need a quality fishing rod and reel combo. Don’t fail to carry a fishing line and bait unless you plan to spend an entire day looking for fish. 

3. Rock Climbing 

It might be daunting to someone but for adrenaline junkies, rock climbing is just another sport. It’s utterly perfect for travellers who want to taste mountaineering but without having to travel himalayas or take long trails. 

Ensuing the topography and geographical features, Nepal comes with ample places worthy of rock climbing. One of the closest and most-available sites for rock climbing is Nagarjun forest. It takes about 30 minutes of drive from Kathmandu to arrive at the place. 

For more thrill-seekers, you can travel as far as Thame in Khumbu and Bimal Nagar. Lying southwest from Kathmandu, it takes almost 5 hours on shuttle to reach Bimal Nagar for a rock climbing tour. 

4. Canyoning 

Seeking an adventure sport that’s beyond people’s imagination then Canyoning is the right find. It’s a never to forget trip for all good reasons as Canyoning blends both hiking and rappelling. 

With The Last Resort, Canyoning happens under the guidance of professionals who look after the facilities for abseiling. Experts will be put on the line to help hotspur jump downstream. The trip allows the hard-core traveler to traverse through the forest and watch wild species and birds. 

5. Paragliding 

Adventure sports and adventure activities in Nepal can’t get any more uplifting than the paragliding in Pokhara. It involves gliding high, watching beautiful hilltops and pristine mountains with no spectators. 

Paragliding relatively offers more pleasure than it commits with the view of glistening Rara and Begnas lake. While sweeping away by the wind, paragliders can witness a spectacular vista of Machhapuchhre and Annapurna massif on any clear day. 

6. Kayaking 

There are numerous great ways to make the most of your trip in Nepal and one is definitely Kayaking. The sport is a whole package of fun as you can rush through the sweeping rivers and relish the scenic view at same time. 

Pokhara has been a main attraction to kayakers for a long time. They’ll be able to paddle their vessel in a fast-flowing Seti River which looks majestic throughout the year. 

Meanwhile, the view is too astounding there with hidden gorges and dense forest. Pro kayakers can also expedite in Mardi Khola, Balephi and Thuli Bheri. 

7. Paramotor

Want to know how it feels like to fly alone in the sky then just go for Paramotor. It’s a recreational activity offered by Pokhara that has left adventures awe-struck. The sport was recently introduced and already its popularity has soared. 

Every age group appears to show interest in this extreme adventure. It’s one amazing way to avoid the crowd and fly high in the air like a bird. Paramotor is a combination of paragliding and ultralight flying. 

That means you’ll get to experience two adventures for the price of one. With Paramotor, you can relish scenic views of Annapurna and Tal Barahi. 

8. Zip Line 

Pokhara surely knows how to upscale adventure sports. Every now and then it proffers thrilling adventures, compelling people to travel to the city. But with Zipflyer, it seems to miss the plot. 

More recently, Dhulikhel set up its own Zip Flyer providing people with a unique experience. The site is only 32 km far off from Kathmandu. The total distance of the zipline is 1100 meters and begins from Thakle before ceasing at Paach Khal. 

9. Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking may not have created as much fanfare as that of trekking in Nepal. But that doesn’t mean the sport is not even attempting to put up with the popularity of mountaineering. 

Mountain biking is steadily setting its foot in the list of adventure sports and adventure activities in Nepal. The sport has travelers ride through an uneven trail filled with dirt and rocks. 

Cycling the distant corners of the country, bikers can onlook cultural allures. Die-hard bikers who ride through the rugged trail of himalayas will be bestowed with gleaming mountain views. 

In the meantime, the route probably may not favour slow cyclists. So for those, you can bike around Kathmandu valley which provides a well-marked path. Some of the well-liked spots for mountain biking in the valley include Khokana, and Sankhu. You can also take on the streets of far-flung places in Kathmandu for biking. 

10. Remote Area Treks in Nepal

Besides above adventurous activities, people want to explore the isolated places in Nepal. You will find no communication medium, not paved trails and only basic food and accommodation. If you want to explore these areas, you need a proper guide who has been there before so that you won’t get lost in the trial. Some of these isolated treks are: Manaslu Circuit and Tsum Valley Trek, Upper Mustang Trek, Kanchenjunga Trekking, Upper Dolpo Trekking, Nar Phu Valley Trek etc.