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Adrian Carmack and John Romero Reveal New FPS Game Blackroom

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As expected, John Romero and Adrian Carmack have announced the development of their next FPS title, which will seek to re-absorb the visceral essence of their first shooters, namely Doom or Quake.

Blackroom FPS Game

Recently in talks some days ago, John Romero and Adrian Carmack – two of the four founders of the id Software studio to whom we owe Wolfenstein 3D and others like Doom – are preparing a new video game. The announcement was made recently, and it will be a FPS game called Blackroom.

Romero stressed that the shooter will be particularly violent but rather fast in its gameplay. Besides the frags, the title will offer exploration in various environments (the medieval futuristic) created and based on holograms. These were created by the Hoxar society and, moreover, it incarnated one of the engineers of this firm.

Blackroom is developed within the Night Work Games studio (Games subsidiary of Romero) and, exclusively on PC. From the outset it is clear that the title will be open to modding. In terms of content, it is said that the competitive and cooperative multiplayer modes will be present in addition to the single player campaign.

Romero and Carmack, however, filed their project on the funding platform Kickstarter, posting a goal of $700,000. In case the sum is collected, the title is planned for release during the winter of 2018.

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