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ADR1FT gets a new “Clair de lune” Trailer

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The publisher 505 Games has released a new trailer for ADR1FT, a video game based on space adventure interest on virtual reality for total immersion in space, via the Unreal Engine 4. The release date of the game on PC has also been specified.

ADR1FT Sreenshot

Long-term project for the Three One Zero studio, ADR1FT had been in development since 2013. It is an adventure game in first person that plunges us into the skin of an astronaut who is revealed to be the sole survivor of a space station.

The interest of the game is therefore based on exploration in an open environment and, of course, not serious. The title put its potential on the virtual reality, using the headset of Oculus Rift on PC. To prepare for the launch of the game, the publisher 505 Games has released a trailer that shows some phase’s in-game, providing some immersion.

This new gameplay of Adr1ft shows some new areas of the ruined space station explored and give us strength where we have to survive given the limited resources at our disposal. The particles, leaves, light effects and scenarios seem even more detailed than in previous videos.

For now, the release is scheduled for 28 March 2016 on PC (Windows) via the Steam download platform. Recall that a PS4 and Xbox One version is also ahead in the development studio, but the output is still unknown.