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Adobe: Xbox One Outperforms PS4 for Black Friday Online Sales


According to a report published by Adobe, Microsoft’s Xbox One was one of the most sold console during the period known in the US deals as Black Friday, which takes place the post-Thanksgiving Friday.


Adobe says that the 5 best selling products during that date were iPad, Samsung 4K TVs, the Macbook Air, LG TVs and Xbox consoles. If you want to read the original document, click on this link. Although there is no mention of the position that PlayStation 4 reached, it obviously did not get to be in the top five, according to estimates by Adobe.

As a historical record for brands, both PlayStation 4 Slim and Xbox One S were offered in package with a game upto $250 USD, which represents the best price in the history of both systems. Instead, the most difficult products to find, since they sold out very quickly, were the NES Classic Edition and PlayStation VR.

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Technologies trying to obtain hold of the market

The report estimates that online sales of Black Friday reached an amount of $5.27 billion, a significant increase of 17.7% compared to the previous year’s record.

Notwithstanding achieved by Xbox One on Black Friday, for the whole month of November, PlayStation 4 continues as the best selling console of the month in the United States, which would break a run of several months in a row in which the winner had been Microsoft console. However, the official monthly performance data are yet to be revealed.

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In terms of games, the best sellers of the whole period are Pokémon Sun/Moon , followed by Call of Duty.

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