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Rumor: Adi Shankar Developing A ‘Legend of Zelda’ Series

The popularity and thematic of some video game franchises are considered as ideal for taking them to other media, such as movies and TV series or current digital services. Recently, the Castlevania series created by Adi Shankar for Netflix presented its second season and everything indicates that the next series that will receive this treatment by the creative will be one of the most important in the history of the industry: The Legend of Zelda.

A few moments ago, The Wrap reported an Adi Shankar publication on its official Instagram profile in which it confirmed that the executive is working with an “iconic” video game company in Japan to adopt one of its most important franchises in a TV series.

At the same time, the creative revealed that it will be on November 16 when he announces what the project is about and that will be that day when he reveals the name of the company and the IP with which he is working. However, the site that gave the exclusive reported that the series that is in the hands of Shankar is The Legend of Zelda, assuming that this will be the announcement scheduled for the date indicated by the creative.

It is important to mention that Adi Shankar has not confirmed that his new series is about The Legend of Zelda, however this type of exclusives related to the world of movies and TV series usually reveal information that is not confirmed at all, as it has happened with the adaptations of some video games to the cinema.

So, it seems that the good reception that the Castlevania series had on Netflix is paying off and this has led to the production of a new series that will undoubtedly generate a great expectation among the players and especially among the fans of Nintendo and The Legend of Zelda.

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