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Most Addicting Games in the World of 2020

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Do you spend more time on games instead of any other work? If yes! Then you should know that the addiction to the game can lead to your next disaster level; therefore, be careful.

Many video games are more addicting, and many games come at the front desk when we talk about the most addicting games. Some games are just a source of entertainment for some hours, but some really know how players keep hooked.

Game developers are familiar with how to earn a lot of money as soon as possible from players. Mostly video games are designed to be addictive, which fulfills human needs too, such as social connection, challenge, growth, and escape.

Well, we are showing you here addicting games 360 in the world which also fulfills the needs. It should help anyone that wants less reliant on gaming to help them overcome their problems.

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If you don’t want to become addicted and want to stay away from addicting games then make sure you are not playing the following games. after reading this, you can also keep your children far from these games.



In the game world sensation, Fortnite is included at the top of the list. Maybe it is the most addicting game because it causes panic in children where parents are worried about how to deal with it.

According to a report of children are stealing money from their parents for playing Fortnite. When children could not play Fortnite, they throw a tantrum and keep themselves wetting.

It is a very safe game because it’s not going anywhere, and this game earned $200 million in revenue over 250million players worldwide. It shows that fewer people play the infamous Battle Royale.

League of Legends

I think League of Legends is no need for an intro because it has the same effect on me. It is also one of the addicting game because the game has massive players.

On the internet, many guidelines are found on how to quit League of Legends, but still many people continue to playing games and find their quality life improve 10x.

What is the most addictive thing in the league of Legends and finally we got an answer? When you start playing it seems terrible, and the idea of the last hitting and swindling approved your more rad.

However, over time, you learn mechanics and become familiar with each champion, then everything starts to change. After some practice, you enjoyed a lot and landed a game-winning skill shot by defended your base against a five-person push.

In just one month, your skills improve and start pushing away through competitive ranked matches. You start socially connected after a start-up team with your friends online.

Well, now it has turned into the most famous game in the world. It could be on the top but as hy0u know Fortnite takes over the entire generation of children in one year and that also a worrying thing. However, you Can’t deny that this game is also toxic and bad for mental health.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

As you know one of the familiar games of all time from 2017. yes! PUBG released in 2017 and took the storm in the world. It is still available in beta and has become one of the most addictive after Fortnite and league of legends.

Even in many reports, it was said a brainwashing game but still people logging into every day. In Asia, it has become most played, which is bringing $5 million per day, and these numbers are increasing day by day.

Many people are surprised that why this game is addictive, even the controls are clunky, graphics are okay and cost more than any other game of the list.

You addicted to this game when you play this game regularly with your friends. Well, some hilarious moments come in PUBG. It comes with a fair share of adrenaline-filled and heart-pumping moments.

You start the game with 2vs2 in the field, and after finishing you feel drained physically, even you think to sweat. You can say it’s crazy addictive and addiction is so real. Every week we hear stories of people who lose their lives due to this game, especially in Asia.

World of Warcraft

Every game has a different impact on human’s life, and no one has like World of Warcraft. The reason is that it is no longer pulls the same number of players as it did in its heyday.

It is a fully new experience and allowed levels of immersion, social connection and constant growth that never been attempted, and this game is used as a benchmark to compare the new MMO’s still. It has over 12 million regular players of the game a many come back for the return.


Here is another addicting game of gaming industry, Minecraft, a single-player game which is responsible for a new generation of engineers and architects. By these people, millions of people unlock their creativity and explore their imagination on an unprecedented scale.

The game is going on the peak with the rise of YouTubers like blieXephos and Sky to worldwide fame early on in the game’s release. We are watching the game on new heights with a fan of PewDiePie who is creating a new wave of Minecraft fans.

One of the best selling games of all the time with over 175 million copies sold. The reason behind the accessibility could be younger and older audiences. Young people are more addicted to this game because the game use is also seen in classrooms too.

Therefore, we don’t know what could be to stop this habit in classes, maybe the game included in education.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Skyrim is one of the most addicting games of all time. However, some people use this game to get away from the struggles that anyone faces; that’s why Skyrim was the perfect place.

The game released in 2011 that completely changed life. Many people start this game during stress but addicted to this game immediately. Gamers really enjoy the level of immersion and realism and now has become one of the most addicted games of the community.

Skyrim allows you to create a new life for yourself when you go deep down. People who want to run from their problems such as social life, confidence or passion they find the way in Skyrim.

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is also included in our list of free addicting games of 2020. due to the integration of everyday life and a massive explosion of smartphones, with time, people are getting themselves addicted to the small screen.

There is no justification for the sheer number of tactics the industry is using to keep playing for a longer time and get more money. Many people have lost thousands of dollars on microtransactions.

Path of Exile

we can’t forget Path of Exile when we talk about the addicting games. Many hated this game when it came but soon became the most played game of all the time.

In this game, the use of seasons and leagues make people addictive. The actual game story takes 6-10 hours to complete, and there are multiple completion goals you can get, such as defeating specific bosses and explore the league mechanics.

The game features of most ridiculous skill that you ever have seen and offers an endless number of class combinations and customization.

After three months, everything resets such as your gear, your money and characters. Google search for Path of Exile shows it’ s not an uncommon problem and features a microtransaction store and loot boxes.

Pokemon Go

So we have reached on the end game of our list which is Pokemon Go. It is most played the mobile game and set the record for the highest-grossing first month in mobile gaming history and generating $200 million for its creator Niantic.

It is popular due to many factors, and the important one is free to play. Therefore people become a trainer or living in the Pokemon universe.

Many crime cases also were seen which linked to Pokemon Go. Yes! Almost 300 crimes in the UK were occurred due to this game.