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Activision will obtain Bungie’s Company Stock if Destiny 2 won’t release in 2017?

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Yesterday, Activision has confirmed the existence of Destiny 2, stating that the game will be released later this year. But what would happen if Bungie could not meet the deadline? Two sources (anonymous) very close to the developers have talked about this possibility to Kotaku.

According to the contract signed by Bungie and Activision (amended several times, as we know), the publisher would enter into possession of some of the team shares in the event that the latter could not meet the deadline set for the launch date of Destiny 2.

In case of failure to deliver on time, Activision would come lawfully into possession of some share of Bungie and the company infact will lose its independence. The fear, according to the sources, is that the developers can accelerate the process to avert this eventually, however, sacrificing the quality of the finished product. We reiterate, however, as to this reports it is only the result of unconfirmed rumors and it is possible that the two parties have modified their agreements.

It is very likely that the game will be released at the end of the year, since the developers were able to indicate during a question / answer session that the development is on track and that they hoped to see the game this Fall. This seems quite plausible because of the proximity to the end-of-year celebrations. As for the platforms concerned, we think of the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, while we still have no indication on a possible possibility of output on PC. Let us wait for more details at E3 2017.

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