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Abzu retail version for PS4 now available in stores

505 Games and Giant Squid announced that Abzu is now available in packaged version at the best retailers. Developed by Giant Squid, Abzu is an epic underwater adventure where players will explore the depths of ocean accompanied by a unique graphic style that gives evocative settings.

505 Games and Giant Squid have announced the launch of Abzu in physical format for PlayStation 4. Abzu is an underwater adventure that gives off magic on all four sides. In it, players will have to explore the mysteries and wonders hidden in the ocean. As the Diver discovers his true connection to the ocean, the world around him begins to reveal its secrets.

In the role of the mysterious protagonist the players will find their true connection with the ocean when the environment will start to unravel its secrets. An extremely fluid control system allows the player to interact with lush forests of algae, fish and thousands of hidden worlds that are just waiting to be discovered.

Abzu, released in digital version last August, has enjoyed incredible success with critics and public for its unique artistic style and the beautiful soundtrack. Recently Abzu has been nominated as “Best Art Direction” from the Game Critics Association.

Abzu is now available in packaged version with a retail price of €19.99. It is also available in digital download for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam.

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