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A Way Out Guide: How Does Multiplayer and Friends Pass Work

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A question has plagued the gamer community since A Way Out has been announced: Can’t you really play single player? Or again, on the same line: if multiplayer is my only option, do I have to buy two separate games? We try to answer these and other questions in this guide.

Single Player:
Let’s clarify it once and for all: No, A Way Out, at least in the current state of things, is not playable if you do not have a second person to deal with the game. A Way Out has been specifically designed and structured to be played by two players with two different controllers.

You could, with a little ‘effort, be able to control both characters early in the game, but later it would become effectively impossible. That said, it is good to clarify that multiplayer means not only online multiplayer. If you have a friend to invite at home and a second controller, you can safely play on the same platform, from the same sofa.

How does Friends Pass work?
It is necessary that only one player has the complete version of A Way Out. This player can then invite another player to play for free. It will be sufficient for the second player to download the free trial and, at that point, it will be possible to play in co-op.

To do this, Player One must choose the option to play online and then invite a friend. By doing so, you can choose one of your contacts on Origin, PS4 or Xbox One. At this point, Player two will be able to download the free trial of the game from the Origin store, PS4 or Xbox respectively. Once the free trial has been downloaded and installed, it will be possible to play the whole game together.

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Is there a matchmaking for A Way Out?
At the moment the matchmaking option is not yet available: it is possible to play in co-op only with your friends.