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A Way Out Will Take 6-8 Hours To Complete, Not Planned for Nintendo Switch


A Way Out will finally make its debut next week, so Josef Fares takes advantage of the last days to promote it. The director of the cooperative title revealed a detail that probably interests many players: the estimated duration of the game.

During a meeting with GameSpot, the creative said that everything will depend on our style of gameplay, but that A Way Out will last approximately between 6 and 8 hours. On the other hand, Fares said that Hazelight Studios started the development of the game with a team of about 10 people.


However, little by little more elements were added to the team, so in the end, there were 40 people who worked on the development of A Way Out. Fares commented that he wrote the script of the title and that all the funds obtained with the game will be destined to other Hazelight developments.

During the interview, the developer took the opportunity to talk about other topics. Before the recent controversy, Fares affirmed that he will never use microtransactions in any of his projects and that at the moment there are no plans to bring A Way Out to Nintendo Switch.

Finally, Fares acknowledged that Electronic Arts has a good number of problems; however, he made it clear that these are situations that all companies in the industry go through at one time or another.

A Way Out will release on March 23 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. According to Fares, Electronic Arts will not win any dollar with its game. The director participated directly in the capture sessions of the game since he made all the scenes of Leo, one of its protagonists.

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