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A player leaked the ending of Final Fantasy XV 6 months ago and nobody believed him

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It seems that 6 months ago, a 4chan player leaked the outcome of Final Fantasy XV, but nobody believed him. The user had posted a lot of information about the game and although he was wrong on a couple of details, almost everything was true.

Final Fantasy XV Screenshot

Currently, the original publication is no longer available on 4chan; however, there is an entry in NeoGAF (spoliers within the link) where the data that the informant then offered to other players are gathered. “Most of this sounds made up,” one user said, while another said “This reads like complete horsesh**”.

At that time, the insider said that Final Fantasy XV was in very bad condition, and that developers were very nervous about having to release the game on 30 September. Interestingly, shortly after that Square Enix announced that the game would arrive until 29 November.

Another interesting detail is that when someone asked if Final Fantasy XVI was underway, the informant answered “FFXVI is only going to happen if XV does well.

Final Fantasy XV is now available in stores, and in spite of ten years of development tormented by the change in name, art direction and probably gameplay, the end result still to be considered is that it is really a good game. Fortunately, the game finally went on sale this week and, despite some technical shortcomings, we must say that the wait was worth it.