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A Perfect Platform to Exchange Skins: Rare and Assorted CS:GO Items

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To become a good CS:GO skin trader, a person needs to develop some basic skills. For example: understanding of the game, thorough knowledge of the market itself, and experience with reliable tools to maintain their business. While most of these skills can be developed independently, traders also have to use third party platforms to trade and exchange products. In turn, such platforms should also have some basic qualities to become good. The necessary basics are transaction security and a flawless reputation in the gaming community. So what does a perfect skin marketplace look like- Exchange Skins? visit here

As an example, we use DMarket, one of the most authoritative platforms in the industry. Yes, it’s reliable indeed! Thousands of users trade and exchange various in-game items, including cosmetics from CS:GO, Dota 2, Rust, and Team Fortress. Its popularity among gamers and traders enabled DMarket to enter the NFT industry.

From a functionality perspective, this marketplace has everything you need: many skins, excellent prices, and great exchange opportunities. It’s a great basis for a perfect platform!


Rarity. What do gamers look for?

Although many professional traders use a skin platform, their attention should be directed to another audience, to real gamers. The question to ask here is “What do these customers need?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gives away skins pretty generously. It is enough to just play a lot to see the game inventory filled with items. The problem is that most gamers will get pretty much the same skins.

CS:GO mostly gives away low rarity items: Consumer and Industrial grades. What does that mean for traders? It means difficulties selling such skins because players don’t much value them. High amounts of low-rarity items doesn’t make a platform perfect.

The items that do not drop as often increasingly attract gamers’ attention. The smaller the chance of getting an item directly in the game, the bigger the demand on this item will be on a marketplace. A perfect trade/exchange platform has a lot of rare skins. Still, it’s important to keep the right balance of demand and price.

Mil-Spec CS:GO skins are rare enough to be interesting for many gamers — and such items are not too expensive to become unattainable. This category should be well represented in a marketplace.

The higher the rarity level, the higher the demand. Restricted skins keep that demand/price balance quite well. Their quantity on a platform determines the number of customers and this brings even more traders. Classified items are more expensive, so the players often can’t afford them. But their presence is rather important for a marketplace.

Skins of high rarity create prestige for a marketplace. Covert skins are literally a treasure, and the prices can be sky high.

For example, an AWP Dragon Lore skin of the Covert grade quality (rarity) might cost around $10k. Most gamers would love to have it, but they can afford only Restricted AWP skins and will be mostly looking for them.

You should definitely find some rare and expensive CS:GO items on a perfect skins platform (as well as many cheap and common ones). But the main category should be a mid-high range, in a decent variety.

Assortment. What do players use?

Understanding of the game comes to the fore here. Some CS:GO weapons are significantly more popular than others among players, so a platform should have a lot of them. 

Rifles and Sniper Rifles are traditionally the most popular. Players purchase them in the game when their team has enough virtual cash and they eagerly buy skins for such weapons.

AK-47 is arguably the best rifle for the terrorists team, and M4A4 is among the most effective for the counter-terrorists. The assortment of skins with these categories is mind-blowing.

It’s impossible to say what players prefer for their in-game style. So they should have a choice, and a perfect skin platform should have enough skins such as AK-47 Asiimov or M4A4 Hellfire.

This choice motivates people to get involved in all sorts of transactions. Some come to a platform just to buy stuff. Many players prefer bringing items from their inventory to exchange for something cool, something they can use in shooting matches.

A good assortment of rare and popular skins boosts the number of exchange transactions and brings even more users to a perfect skins platform.

Who needs that perfection?

The business of trading CS:GO skins is open to everyone. Some dedication is needed to earn money here, and a perfect platform is just a tool to make magic possible. Everything else is in your hands. In fact, beginner traders might find some useful tips in this article: prioritize skins of the mid-range rarity and take care of a good assortment of items for popular weapons.

Also, the end-users need this perfect platform. The circulation of skins in the CS:GO community is a never-ending process. Some items lose their attractiveness as a player changes mood. The game regularly gets new collections. These and others are reasons to maintain involvement in skin exchanges.

DMarket is a strong leader among trade and exchange platforms. Is it perfect for traders and gamers? Well, why don’t you visit it to figure that out? You already know how to inspect.