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A new portal to guide parents for video games in 2020

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The new project created by IIDEA – the association representing the video game industry in Italy – aims to help parents be more “prepared” about video games. More aware and “prepared” parents in the world of video games.

Today she making its debut, the first national portal designed for parents, educators, and all those who have a wish to find the world of digital entertainment more closely. Created by IIDEA – the association that represents the video game industry in Italy – in collaboration with PEGI sa (the non-profit organization that manages the homonymous classification system for games). In this article, I’ll describe about new portal to guide the parents in this world.    


New portal to guide: A continually growing market, especially among the very young

new portal to guide

There 17 million Italians who in 2019 played with video games. According to the report published this year by IIDEA on the trend of sports in our country. Of these, many fans in the younger age groups (11-24 years) . Since 67% of the titles published on the Italian market (and 57% of the games sold) suitable for an audience between 3 and 12 years. Having an instrument like She becomes indispensable today. Especially to guide parents to make the best use of the medium with their children. In our homes, video games  used more and more often to have fun, to learn. To compete and also to exercise. 

Many sections, also signed by the Courier.

They will see the contribution of numerous professionals who will each offer their point of view on the video game. Medium in support of the project. Among the many initiatives. There will also be the “Family video games” section curated by one of the Corriere Della Sera brands. As well as great video game expert, Federico Cella, who will propose a reasoned analysis of a game every month also thanks to the collaboration of an expert. Given the launch of the portal, it will start with Animal Crossing: New Horizons for Nintendo Switch, one of the essential titles in recent months, especially for its contribution during the long period of the lockdown. The review written with four hands together with Manuela Cantoia, Associate Professor of Applied Cognitive Psychology at the eCampus University.

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They want to provide Italian families with a concrete

They want to be an essential reference point for adults, where they will not only find information and seek advice from experts from different fields but also find out what video games with their children. «With this portal, we want to provide Italian families with a concrete tool to orient themselves on the topic. Video games are not only a means of entertainment, but they are also increasingly an instrument of sociability and learning. But those who exercise an educational function are not always able to understand.  The passion of their children and to fully exploit the potential that video games offer.

Conclusion  on new portal to guide

continues Saletta, confirming how much higher knowledge and awareness of this form of entertainment is continuously growing is now essential. The Tuttosuivideogiochi project is part of a network of similar projects already present in other European countries. Such as Ask About Games in Great Britain, PédaGoJeux in France. The Good Gamer in Spain – and follows the implementation guidelines of the Regulation on the classification of video games . The protection of minors adopted in 2019 by AGCOM, the Authority for Guarantees in Communications. I hope you understand how new portal to guide is going on to the parents.