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A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy XV will release on March 1 for PS4 and Xbox One

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A King’s Tales: Final Fantasy XV, originally planned only as an exclusive bonus for pre-orders, will be available for free to all players from March 1 and can be downloaded from Xbox Store and PlayStation Store.

Final Fantasy XV Dawn

A King’s Tales: Final Fantasy XV is an action game with a retro-style graphics and a fast combat system. Set thirty years before Final Fantasy XV, it tells the fictional story of King Regis and her faithful companions then (Weskham, Cid and Clarus) as they try to defend the capital from monster attacks.

All those who have known about the journey of Noctis and company will have an extra game, about three hours in length, with some interesting ideas in terms of gameplay and the relationship of the little prince, in his childhood, with his father Regis.

Game Features
1. Complex combat system : frantic real-time battles that mix combos, counter-attacks and special attack of Regis and reward the strategy and good reflexes.
2. Companions : three different companions with unique attacks and special moves that cause devastating damage.
3. Magic : the fire to the battlefield, freeze or electrify your enemies with fire magic, ice and thunder.
4. Invocations : invokes epic sidereal entities that will decimate your enemies with spectacular attacks.

A King’s Tales: Final Fantasy XV will be available from March 1st on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.