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A job listing may have confirmed the existence of Pokemon for Switch

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There has been a long talk about a possible arrival of the Pokemon Sun and Moon on Switch, although Nintendo has not made announcements about it yet. A recent job listing published by Game Freak, however, may have confirmed the existence of this project.

Apparently Game Freak, or the renowned developer for the Pokémon series, would be looking for new professionals to a secret project not yet announced. The Japanese developer would be in fact looking for an artist able to create three-dimensional models of similar monsters, attention to detail, to those that can be found in Wii U games and PlayStation Vita.

The studio is currently in search of developers and animators with experience in the construction of polygonal models of complexity comparable to those seen on Wii U and PS Vita, and who has experience with Maya. Candidates must have experience in the creation of monsters, deformed characters and creatures from forms similar to those of animals.

Unless The Pokémon Company, owned in part by Nintendo, has suddenly decided to publish a Pokémon game on another platform that is not the Big N, it is clear enough what’s brewing.

A description that seems to fit the world of Pokemon, don’t you thnik? For the moment, these are only suppositions, waiting for any confirmation or denial about the news.

Are you ready to play a Pokémon title on Nintendo Switch? Maybe we have to wait until mid-2018, as the new hiring will be made a contract that will last until May of next year.

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