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A Complete Escape From Tarkov Ammo Guide

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The introduction of the most anticipated titles like PUBG, Fortnite, and Apex Legends has taken over the gaming industry by a storm. It seems a massive conflict has been torn up between game developers where everyone is trying to take over the industry with their creations. Somewhere from a battle, the independent developers have introduced an exquisite title, Escape From Tarkov, that is offering you a perfect blend of MMO and FPS elements tarkov radar

The title features a fictional Norvinsk region, found in Northwestern Russia, as its primary setting and introduces a massive conflict that takes place between two influential military organizations. In the game, the player is tasked by the game with escaping the city by either participating in a force of one of two military organizations or by attempting to acquire EFT loot for sale from sealed areas. 


 Nearly 80 ammo types are there for players to unwrap, and for sure, you know that how complicated it is for new players to explore what ammo they need to purchase, what ammo is best suited for specific scenarios, etc. For those players who have successfully achieved a variety of missions, some space still left for further improvements, letting them learn something about which ammo does the best damage against weak armor and anything between them. 

The game features ballistic mechanics, and currently, three main basic aspects are projectile behavior in the air and when it gets into the body. You should need to know that the Ballistic flight in the game will be affected by several things like bullet weight, muzzle velocity, type, and air friction. It proves that the massive and slower bullet will have a considerable drop-off distance. 

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For newbies, we have compiled a list that aims to describe the best ammunition types of every weapon available in the game. Here’s the best EFT ammo to use of every type: 

  • 9X18MM (SP7, SP8, PSV)
  • 7.62X25MM (PST GZH, PT GZH)
  • 9X19MM (AP 6.3, Luger CCI)
  • 5.7X28MM FN (SS190, SS193)
  • 9X21MM (SP13, SP10)
  • .366 TKM (EKO, FMJ)
  • 12X70MM (12/70 AP20 Slug, 12/70 8.5mm Magnum Buckshot)
  • 20X90MM (Star Slug, Devastator Slug)
  • 7.62X51MM (BP, PS)

9X18MM (SP7, SP8, PSV)

You might know that PMMM rounds are too good, but not compatible with SMGs. Generally, 9x18mm isn’t considering as good against armor, but for sure, they have decent damage statistics. For better performance, you should upgrade them to level 3 to purchase all of these using EFT Roubles


You know what this round is incredible and only compatible with TT Pistol and boasts average statistics across the board. While playing the game, you have to take TT with GZH rounds for better backup and can use it when you run out of ammo. 

9X19MM (AP 6.3, Luger CCI)

You can use these rounds in several pistols like Saiga-9, MPX, and MP5, and they worth your time. Although they give you low armor, deal with decent flesh damage per shot. The AP 6.3 will make the mentioned armor viable against standard armor. Upon using the SMG with the massive capacity of the high rate of fire, the Luger Rounds be may overwhelm opponents with gunfire. 

5.7X28MM FN (SS190, SS193)

This ammo is specially designed for five to seven pistols. When you consider blasting an armor, you should think about these rounds at once. Another choice is SS193, offering similar stats. 

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