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A Beginner’s Guide To Collecting Diecast Model Cars 

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Collecting diecast model cars has become popular more than ever. This is because of the improvement of these toy cars from their initial types. Today’s collectible cars have more vivid details and an array of scaling, making them more realistic than before. These model cars take the image of authentic vehicles, making them worthy of displaying and collecting.  This article will be about A Beginner’s Guide To Collecting Diecast Model Cars.

Suppose you’re planning to start collecting diecast toy cars. Then, you may want to know about the basics, types, and points to consider before buying these collectibles. In that case, here’s an article to guide you, so read on!  

What’s A Diecast Model Car 

Diecast model cars are collectible toys or models made through the process of diecasting. This procedure refers to the melting and forming up of metal alloys, such as zinc and lead. In some cases, they also contain plastic and materials to develop a specific mold or shape. In many cases, these toys are replicas of luxury cars, famous sportscars, and vintage vehicles. 

How To Begin Your Collectible Toy Car Collection 

Toy Car Collection 

If you want to be a diehard diecast model car collector, you may need to consider and plan out some things. For that purpose, here are some steps that you may need to take: 

  1. Know What You Want  

You may kick off with the model cars you want to collect. Perhaps, you could begin with supercars, Lamborghinis, Peugeot, or Ferrari. You may also try to start with the model cars from films and TV series that have been part of your childhood. Or, you could start with generic car models and go after colors and quantity rather than particular models.  

  1. Consider Yor Space  

Considering your space where you’ll display and keep your diecast collectibles is also a point to take. This will help you in keeping your toys clean and well-maintained. For that purpose, here are some storage or display spaces you may check out:  

  • Shelf: In this option, the collectibles are showcased on open shelves. You, as a collector, could easily remove dirt and dust from the toys whenever you want.  
  • Box: You could keep your diecast cars in big boxes for safekeeping and play with them only if you want to.   
  • Boxed And Displayed In Shelves: Some collectors keep their toys in their original boxes as the latter have the details. The cars become more appealing. In addition, the collectibles are protected from dust and cushioned should they fall on the floor.  
  1. Check Your Budget  

You may also consider your budget in collecting your first replicas, as some of them could be costly. You may start with mass-produced types since they’re generally cheaper than the limited-edition collectibles. You could also swap with your fellow collectors if you have multiple model cars. For the latest trends and ideas, you may join diecast model car communities.  

What To Consider Before Buying Your First Diecast Model Cars  

Before you buy your first collectible car, try to check the following points:  

  1. Sizing And Scaling  

Diecast model cars come in different scales. They’re generally grouped from 1:18 (around 18 times smaller than the real car) to 1:64. Yet, there are toy cars measuring up to 1:144, as the smallest. On the other hand, there are 1:4 toy cars considered as the biggest.  

For more ideas about the scaling and sizing, here are some of the standard scale rates:  

  • 1:18  

This may be considered as the most produced among the biggest diecast model cars. Because of their enormous sizes, 1:188 types have more detailed hoods, boor trunks, fenders, interiors, and doors.   

  • 1:24  

This type looks similar to the 1:18 models, but has more details and is more costly. They are close to 8 inches in length.  

  • 1:32 and 1:43  

These scales were first produced in the 1930s and measure around 4 or 6 inches. These may be considered as the most manufactured among all scales. Because of this, they’re generally cheaper than the other sizes.  

  • 1:64  

This type, referred to as the S scale, measures around 3 inches. They could be the tiniest among the generally manufactured types.  

  1. Condition  

The toy’s condition affects its price. Factory-condition types are generally expensive, while secondhand diecast model cars are typically cheaper. For more ideas of the collectible’s conditions, here are some of their broad terms:  

  • Mint On Mint Card: The collectible is, still, in manufacturing packaging and doesn’t have any damage.  
  • Mint In Box: The diecast car model is kept and protected inside its original box.  
  • Mint Condition: The toy car could be out in the display space, but is, still, in excellent physical condition, with no defect and chipped paint finish.  

Final Thoughts  

Aside from collecting baseball cards and action figures, collecting diecast model cars has been popular today. If you have a budget for this hobby, you could hunt for the rarest kinds, even for a beginner. On the contrary, you could settle by, first, buying the commonly manufactured toy cars.   

Either way, you’ll feel a world of fulfilment every time you play or display the diecast model car you desire to own. You may refer to the insights you’ve got from this article in determining which diecast car you’ll choose and buy.