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8 Bit Games You Must Play

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Video games have come a really long way from back when they were first introduced. Nowadays, the graphics and gameplay has become so detailed that it’s almost impossible to tell if it’s really a game. More powerful processors and graphic cards have made today’s video games into a crazy immersive experience that are even leaving movies behind. Now we even have the option of Virtual Reality that is beginning to become popular games you must play. 

A lot of games are also based on popular sports and some of them look so real that you could be fooled into thinking this was a real match that’s playing out on the television. You might find yourself betting on these matches like they do in online casinos like these. However, even with this kind of cutting edge technology, there still remains a large following of gamers who play vintage 8 bit games. They play this mostly out of a feeling of nostalgia as well as the pure simple pleasure of a no-frills game. Much of these games which were originally available on those old Nintendo and Atari consoles can now be played straight out of your browser. Let’s check out a few of the popular ones. 



Contra was one of the most popular games ever developed by Konami. Launched sometime in the 1980s, the game features a Rambo-like protagonist who is on a mission to save the world from strange aliens. He has to shoot everything on sight and keep progressing through the game’s myriad puzzles and strategies. The different kinds of gun powers keep it interesting as does the outstanding music. 

Super Mario Bros 3


Mario Bros 3

Everyone knows Super Mario Bros. It is the most popular video game that was ever invented. There was just this beautiful charm about watching an Italian man run around trying to save a princess but the third version of this game is truly spectacular. The graphics are much better and the gameplay is unlike the earlier versions. Mario turns into a cat and can even use his tail to fly. Super Mario Bros is like a golden goose for Nintendo. Even recently when they announced a version for the iPhone, their share prices started peaking.

Adventure Island

Much like Super Mario Bros, Adventure Island is also about a moustached man in a hurry. But this guy is on an island where he has to eat fruits to keep up his energy levels and avoid snakes, creepy crawlies and fires. It’s a direct portal to your childhood.

Kung Fu Remix

Kung Fu Remix made all the 80s kids go crazy about martial arts. You are a kung fu fighter who has to fight his way through lots of thugs before meeting the master of each level. Your skills are only your kicks and punches while the boss usually has some tricks up his sleeve. 

There are so many other games worth mentioning in this list like Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda and Popeye. Take some time off and play these remarkable games from the past..