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8 Beauty Foods To Eat For Great Skin, Hair & Shape

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8 Beauty Foods To Eat For Great Skin, Hair & Shape. We’re always searching for the newest and best skin care products and treatments that will finally give us the long-lasting results we desire but more often than not, we end up using something that does nothing more than what we could’ve done on our own at home.

And sometimes, these products even have harmful consequences that leave us with more problems than we started with. The truth is, the best solution to achieving our highest potential beauty-wise lies in what we eat!

The foods we eat and decide to put into our bodies have a direct effect on everything, down to our smallest cell.

Instead of reaching for products that promise quick and temporary results, why not focus on incorporating beauty foods into your diet?

These foods offer long-lasting and visible effects that are sure to have you looking and feeling your absolute best. Here’s a quick and easy list of 10 beauty foods (or superfoods!) to get you started:


The Best Beauty Foods You Can Eat To Look And Feel Great

Red And Yellow Bell Peppers

Bell peppers are a great way to improve your skin and hair health. The carotenoids found in red and yellow bell peppers help to increase blood circulation, which in turn prevents wrinkles and encourages healthy cell growth.

These carotenoids also help to fight acne, making bell peppers one of the best beauty foods you can add to your diet.


It’s hard to imagine a beauty foods list without berries! All berries are packed with antioxidants, making them an excellent beauty food for your whole body. Strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries are rich in essential vitamins that promote healthy hair and strong nails.

Leafy Greens

Leafy greens like bokchoi, kale, and spinach are rich in vitamin C, which helps prevent hair breakage and protects your skin from harmful UV rays. Vitamin C also boosts collagen production, which is essential for maintaining skin elasticity and giving you a youthful glow.


Nuts are an excellent source of protein, and they also contain healthy fats and Vitamin E. This combination of nutrients is great for your skin and hair, as it strengthens cells and helps them withstand environmental stressors.

The omega-3 fats in walnuts are especially beneficial, as they reduce inflammation and prevent hair loss.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are rich in carotenoids, which are great for promoting blood flow. One type of carotenoid found in sweet potatoes is beta carotene, which has the unique ability to act as a natural sunblock.

This means that it can help protect your skin against UV rays, which can combat dryness and flakiness. Sweet potatoes also encourage the production of Vitamin A, which is essential for keeping the scalp healthy and promoting hair growth.

So if you’re looking for a beauty food that can help you achieve healthy hair, sweet potatoes should definitely be on your radar!


Avocados are not only delicious but also packed with healthy fats that make them a great addition to any meal – plus they’re one of the most filling beauty foods out there! They’re an amazing source of Vitamin E which helps protect your cells from oxidative damage.

Getting enough healthy fats is important to keep your hair sleek and shiny and your skin moisturized and supple – and avocado’s fats are much different than the unhealthy fats you consume through junk food. You can even utilize them externally as a beauty treatment!


Broccoli is not only a nutritious vegetable, but it also has high levels of sulforaphane. This is a natural protectant against UV rays, and it can help reduce the number of skin cells killed by exposure to the sun.

Broccoli also contains minerals like copper and zinc, which are essential for keeping your skin looking healthy and glowing. Additionally, broccoli may also help prevent your skin and scalp from infections.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is a great beauty food because it’s packed with protein, which is essential for healthy hair and skin. Greek yogurt also contains vitamin B5, which has been shown to increase blood flow to the scalp.

This means that greek yogurt can help promote hair growth and may even prevent hair thinning and loss.

Essentially, food is medicine! Having a healthy and well-rounded diet will ensure that your hair remains long and your skin strong. Incorporating just a handful of these super beauty foods will dramatically nourish and revitalize your body.