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7 Ways To Improve Employee Engagement

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More than ever, businesses and organisations rely on the commitment, zeal and energy of their workforce. These people are the backbone of a company that wants to do more than survive, it wants to thrive. And while it may not seem that way when hearing about yet another example of a shoddy customer experience, companies with poor employee engagement simply don’t last. Why? Because a better company with better, more committed, more energetic and more engaged employees has stolen their business.

It’s no secret that an organisation with high levels of employee engagement is more productive. They’ll also be more profitable. Yet there is still an astonishing number of companies who have become distracted, or complacent, and are missing out. If you’re one of them, you also have an amazing opportunity to turn things around and reap the benefits that committed, energetic and engaged employees can bring to your business. Here are some ideas for improving employee engagement.

Communicate. As companies grow, the ties that bind staff weaken and in no time departments have begun working in isolation. Bring them back together with regular communications, utilise digital tools like Teams or Slack and make sure everyone is back on the same page.

Invite feedback, and act on it. Everyone has an opinion and, within reason, they have a right to express it. Employees who feel their voice is being heard and being taken seriously are much more likely to take ownership of their position. They’ll be happier, and more productive.

Make sure staff are in the right roles, and make that work meaningful. You improve employee engagement when people have a clear understanding of how they contribute to the company. Hot talent without a clear career path will be unhappy, unproductive and disengaged.

Give staff the tools they need to grow in the role. You hired them because of their potential, so make the most of it. Armed with the right tools, employees are more energised because they are more able to do what they do best. 

Boosting skills through mentoring, training or further eduction has an immediate and positive effect on your workplace culture. As a result, everyone wins. Any kind of training programme shows your commitment to helping staff do their job better and helps them fulfil their own work goals.

Micro-management chokes workplace engagement; no one likes their boss hovering over their shoulder. Staff who are trusted and supported to make their own decisions flourish; their enthusiasm and creativity increases and engagement levels rise. If you don’t need to manage someone, don’t. 

Bring employees inside the tent and let them know how the company is doing – good or bad. They’re the bedrock of your organisation (that’s why you hired them), and deserve to know about any wins and near misses. The more engaged they are with the company – their company – the harder they’ll work to achieve success.

Don’t be one of those companies you hear others talking about. Organisations with high levels of employee engagement have a happier, more productive workforce. They thrive. It’s a win for everyone and a blueprint for success.