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7 Gift Ideas to kids who want to Code

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When choosing for the best gift for your kids who want to Code, always remember to align what are his interests, principles, and outlooks. A gift unwraps a surprising streak that – when a child receives – will surely utilize and develop his senses.

As parents of the millennial generation, you need to understand the linear relationship and influence of technology towards your child’s life. In reality, almost everything that your child surrounds is empowered by tech devices. As a result, his interests are leaning towards the discovery and understanding of technology. 

Whether you like it or not, coding programs have been winning the interests of your child. Support your kid who wants to learn coding by subscribing to these 7 Gift Ideas for Kids who Want to Code.


The Benefits of Coding Programs 

Coding programs are the backbone of the lives of aspiring tech inventors, software engineers, computer scientists, and allied professionals in the tech industry. Through its exquisite and intellectual features, most STEM professionals also viewed coding as a strategic tool to understand the science of software applications. Moreover, here are some benefits that your child gets in coding programs:

Coding ability boosts kids’ morale.

Learning to code gives your kids one-of-a-kind excitement and wholesome empowerment. In a kid’s viewpoint, the ever-ending reward of accomplishing a step-by-step process is so rewarding that nothing couldn’t be contained. 

His ability to identify problems strengthens his courage and self-confidence. Not only does the coding program guide a kid through the process, but it also suggests corrections. 

Coding skills can be kids’ future professional capital.

Just imagine how Minecraft’s founder Mark Notch Petersson sparked a fascination in coding, your child also enabled his coding skills to become a future tech professional. Hence, the skills he develops in a coding program through playing Minecraft by teaching kids how to set up a minecraft server. 

In the 21st century, STEM job opportunities are in-demand for millennial professionals. Meaning that the more a learner is equipped with different skills can open portals for more opportunities.

Coding fosters kids’ competence in problem-solving skills.

If your kid slowly loves Minecraft coding, then tweaking codes and combining sequences are his best interests. For Minecraft and non-Minecraft players, coding slowly fosters their logical competence in problem-solving skills on how to make a Minecraft server

Coding is not as easy as you think. It combines the art of understanding programming language with syntaxes, symbols, variables, functions, etc. But apart from the cutting-edge tech learning, your child can directly outline issues and methodical approaches to figure out a coding challenge. 

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7 Gift Ideas for Kids Who Want To Code

(1) ThinkFun Code Master Programming Logic Game

ThinkFun Code Master allows you to learn coding without using a computer. The authentic package comes with a Portal, an Avatar, 6 Crystals, 12 Action Tokens, 8 Conditional tokens, and a user’s guide. 

For over 50 million packages sold, ThinkFun lauds as the world leader in logic and brain games. As low as $19.78, you and your kids can play together through going 10 maps with 60 levels to solve. With an easy instruction manual booklet, you can start playing immediately!

(2) Wonder Workshop Dash – Coding Robot for Kids 

Don’t limit your kids’ imagination on how a robot works. To make it as a reality, Dash enables a level-up excitement through a voice-activated robot.

The package comes with a Sketch Kit, Building Block Connectors, and many surprising tools. What’s the best part? The playtime lasts long up to 5 hours, with a standby time of up to 30 days. 

Your $149.95 won’t be a waste – over 2,000 schools in the USA have been trusting Dash as an educational tool.

(3) Kano Computer Kit 

It’s not impossible to let your kid assemble his personalized computer – with Kano Computer Kit – anyone can make their computers. 

There are no technical skills required when using Kano Computer Kit. Kids ages 6 and above will learn how to code art, music, games, and many more. 

Your $144.95 includes everything you need: a Raspberry Pi 3, case, speaker, wireless keyboard, memory, HDMI, power cables, coding challenges, stickers, and lots of apps. 

(4) Osmo Coding Toy Genius 

If you want to let your kids learn to code on the iPad, then Osmo prepares something for you. Kids ages 6 to 10 and above will love the continuing process of coding sequences and combinations – starting at $84.99. 

Osmo comes with a unique Tangram experience – the best way to exercise spatial and visual problem-solving skills.

With over 500 different puzzles, no Wifi is necessary to enable the game. The package comes along with an Osmo base for iPad, Tangram pieces, numbers tiles, words tile, stackable storage, and many more surprises.

(5) Ozobot Bit Coding Toy Robot 

You can’t summon a robot’s life. But with Bit Coding Robot, your child will learn how to command the assembled and ready to play a robot named “Bit.” 

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Ozobot’s Bit is a small yet integrated robot that follows a color command coding – a unique learning experience that lets your child combine problem-solving with creative drawing.

Starting at $144.99, your child receives a package that contains 1 crystal blue Ozobot, an easy-to-understand manual, 2 skins, a protective case, USB charging cables, stickers, and a demo map. 

(6) Fisher-Price DKT39 Think and Learn Code-a-Pillar Toy

Ready, set, code! 

Much excitement awaits for your kid in Fisher-Price’s Code-a-Pillar Toy – with an easy, convenient, and age-appropriate problem-solving toy for preschoolers ages 3-6 years old. 

Code-a-Pillar is the robot that will guide your kids in coding to over more than 1000 possible combinations. 

For as low as $63.07, your kid will learn how to code, using a motorized head and five permanently attached segments.

(7) Piper Coding Toy Computer Kit – Minecraft Raspberry Pi Edition 

Piper believes that your child can code through an integrated user experience. In assembling his computer, your child enables his logic and senses using real, physical electronics such as buttons, switches, LED lights, sensors, and many more.

Piper Coding is empowered by Raspberry Pi Edition of Minecraft. Hence, your child can assemble more than 50 puzzle-like pieces to make a sophisticated wood case and power-up boxes. To make his gaming experience more exciting, you can guide your child in assembling the computer.

Your $249.00 will surely change your kid’s life. Just like how early inventors started to invest in big amounts, return of investment will be much priceless!

Key Takeaways 

Coding for kids is the foundation for future aspiring professionals in the tech industry. Because of coding’s exquisite and strategic features, schools and elementary institutions are promoting coding programs as courses to learn.

As parents of the millennial generation, remember that coding programs are beneficial to your kids, such that:

  1. Coding ability boost kids’ morale;
  2. Coding skills can be kids’ future professional capital; and 
  3. Coding programs foster kids’ competence in problem-solving skills.

Henceforth, when your kid wants to learn coding, reinforce his learning experience through these 7 Gifts Ideas:

  1. ThinkFun Code Master Programming Logic Game 
  2. Wonder Workshop Dash – Coding Robot for Kids
  3. Kano Computer Kit
  4. Osmo Coding Toy Genius
  5. Ozobot Bit Coding Toy Robot
  6. Fisher-Price DKT39 Think and Learn Code-a-Pillar Toy
  7. Piper Coding Toy Computer Kit – Minecraft Raspberry Pi Edition