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7 Essential Software for Every Gaming Computer

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7 Essential Software for Every Gaming Computer

As a computer gamer, you need the best tools to boost your machine’s performance, security, and stability. Here is some essential software that can put you on the right path in your Every Gaming Computer:


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Although gaming platforms like Steam, Origin,, Uplay, and others have their own chat systems, it’s handy to use a universal VoIP system to talk to your friends as you shift between games. One of the more popular chat systems for gamers is Discord because it offers many functions without draining system resources or clashing with other software like games in Every Gaming Computer.

Anti-Malware Download

The default antivirus options on Windows and macOS are serviceable but fall short against more sophisticated threats. To shield yourself from dangers like Trojan horses that attack gamers with ransomware and password-stealers, you should opt for top-level security. A good free antivirus software that provides anti-malware defense is a fair bet for PC and Mac gamers.


A network firewall is critical for any gamer who plays online because it can block malicious traffic. You can either download a third-party firewall product or use the one baked into your operating system. Gamers on Windows can find their firewall settings in the Windows Security app, while Mac gamers can find their firewall in the Security & Privacy option in System Preferences. Your router may also have a firewall that you can activate.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

VPNs can be controversial amongst gamers because they can slow down Internet speeds. Moreover, some free VPNs are notorious for spying on users. But subscription-based gamer VPNs that have many servers, carry a no-log policy, and use the new WireGuard protocol will encrypt your network, mask your location, and offer excellent speeds for gaming.

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With a VPN assigning a virtual IP address, you can also stream on Twitch more safely from doxers and swatters. Your VPN can also help you circumvent geo-blocks that prevent you from playing with friends worldwide or accessing violent first-person shooters that are censored in your country.


Your gaming hardware, such as your graphics card, RGB keyboard, and headset, has drivers that help your operating system access hardware functions. You should install your drivers even if your hardware is working as new drivers can unlock more features or improve performance. For instance, a graphics card sometimes needs fresh drivers to run a new game optimally. Downloading drivers may also fix hardware errors as buggy or conflicting drivers can cause instability.


With so many computer games coming out in unfinished states, downloading the latest patches could eliminate bugs and increase your framerates. In fact, many games get patched on their release day, even on consoles.

Security Updates

Threat actors are often on the prowl for software vulnerabilities that they can exploit to hack systems, install malware, or open backdoors. That’s why both Microsoft and Apple regularly release security updates for their software. Ignoring security updates can have negative consequences. For instance, even though Microsoft patched the flaw that allowed the WannaCry malware to hijack computers for money, the ransomware is still active due to unpatched systems.

Unlike consoles, PCs can be more susceptible to flaws and hacks due to their open nature. That’s why you need to download the right tools for a stable and optimized gaming experience in Every Gaming Computer.

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