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7 Essay Writing Hacks That Actually Work

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Writing essays can be time-consuming and difficult. This can make it stressful when there are deadlines. Specialists that work for IB extended essay writing service claim that writing a high-quality essay demands lot of personal resources. We’ve compiled a few essay writing tips that will help you make sure your essay is completed on time. This article will be about 7 Essay Writing Hacks That Actually Work.

Hiring a writing service

Writing services are a great way of getting a high-quality essay. When you hire someone to write your paper, some services will give you writing tips. These tips can be used to improve your writing speed and style. To see the final product, you can also look at it to see how other people write college and higher education papers. This will help you to plan your next paper.

Learn the formatting requirements

Did you know there are many essay formats? What one professor may want might not be what another professor needs. Chicago, AMA and MLA are all popular styles.

Avoid Using Passive Voice

Passive voice can make essays difficult to understand or confusing. Passive voice is when a noun does the verb in an essay. Passive voice is a variant of “to be”, such as were, were, was and is. These can be replaced with active voice.

Proofread, Proofread and Proofread

Your essay will be less credible if your professor finds many grammar mistakes in it. This can cause damage to your paper’s integrity and can impact your grade. Make sure to proofread every word and search for any questions. Grammarly and Microsoft Word can catch many mistakes. Google Translate can also be used to translate your essay and give you feedback.

Paragraph to Paragraph Transition

It is easy to make an essay feel disjointed if you don’t transition smoothly between paragraphs. Your topic and closing sentences should be related to your main thesis. Each paragraph should also connect. To make the paragraph flow together, the first sentence of each paragraph should relate to the paragraph before it.

Use both long and short sentences

One way to avoid punctuation errors is to write short sentences. This makes your paper appear formal and stiff. This is something you want to avoid. In order to avoid this, it is best to use both long and short sentences in your essay. This will allow your ideas to blend seamlessly and make your essay read and look smoother.

A Few tricks can help you lengthen your essay

People often have trouble completing their essays on time. Begin by reviewing your main points and paragraphs. You might be able to split your main ideas into two and go deeper. You might also want to look at the sentences you have written and ask “because why?”. If neither of these answers is possible, you will need to do more research on your topic.

These 7 essay writing hacks will help ease the stress of writing essays. You can choose to start with one of these hacks or you can try them all. They will help you write a polished and professional essay in half the time.