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6 Tips to Secure your Workplace

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Criminals are not only focused on houses, but also on offices. After all, offices accommodate many valuables such as electronics – laptops, computer screens, telephones, headphones etc. – but also (digital) documents with private information. To secure your workplace from burglary, vandalism and other forms of theft, you need to take adequate precautions. Curious about what you can do? Read the 8 tips below on how to secure your workplace!


1. Security Camera

Security cameras are an absolute necessity. They deter criminals and record incidents. Video proof is of great value to the police. Besides that, recordings are necessary if you want to validate an insurance claim. Make sure to buy a professional camera, for example, a Dahua camera.

2. Alarm System

By installing an alarm system you can be one step ahead of burglars. Many alarm systems such as Jablotron alarm systems, or Ajax alarm systems (Dutch: Ajax alarm systemen) are able to detect fire and smoke, glass breakage, movements and changes in temperature. 

3. Laptop Locks

Laptops are costly and may contain private and valuable information of your business. Many employees leave their laptops at work, so make sure that you have special laptop locks or a professional locker for all electronics. 

4. Access Control

Some business and client information is private and confidential. You don’t want other people to have access to these documents, not even your employees. Make sure to have a managed access control system to restrict and track access of documents. That way, only the people given access can view or edit these documents.

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5. Printer Control

Many printers store documents in their on-board memories, so you also need to take adequate precautions for your printers. Place your printer in a secured location!

6. Train your Employees

When people talk about security, they often only think of the external threats. However, the actions and behaviours of employees can also put your company at risk. Employees may accidentally open phishing mails or leave USB sticks with valuable information unattended. Therefore, it is important that you train your employees on workplace safety and security. Teach them how to properly lock up documents, protect passwords and how to secure the building. You can also train your employees on recognizing phishing mails by sending them fake ones as a test every once in a while. It’s good to keep your employees on their toes!

Make sure you take adequate precautions when it comes to safety and security. Good luck!