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6 of the Most Iconic Watches in the History of Watchmaking

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It doesn’t really matter whether you were recently introduced to the decadent world of watches or History of Watchmaking or if you’ve been admiring your favourite brands for over a decade. Everybody needs to know these iconic watches. They bring a sense of wonder, awe and class that you just can’t associate with other accessories. Of course, their rich histories and heritage help, but there is just something about these time-telling contraptions that catches our eye.

Whether it was because of their fine craftsmanship, fascinating history, or pioneering technology, we have compiled a list of some watches that have had a significant impact on the watchmaking world as we know it. If you’re searching for luxury watches online, we’ll try to paint you a picture with our words so you can be inspired about your choice.


Cartier Santos

In the early 1900s, Alberto Santos, a Franco-Brazilian aviator, requested Cartier to develop one of the first ever wristwatches that were introduced to the world. This request was made because Santos always had trouble checking what the time was while he was in mid-flight, and it was nearly impossible to pull out a pocket watch while he was at the steering wheel.

Cartier Santos was able to solve this problem and, to their surprise, also managed to revolutionize watchmaking forever. However, the Santos collection doesn’t only have a place in history. In fact, it still manages to capture the hearts of so many watch aficionados nowadays. Well, why wouldn’t it? The elegant and classic design of this timepiece is what makes it so special.

Nowadays, the Cartier Santos is part of a collection that is divided between the Santos 100 and Santos-Dumont lines. Both of these collections have a unique and engrossing charm and an elegant appeal that tell a tale of revolution in time-keeping.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso

Introduced to the world in 1931, this particular watch was designed for the elite British polo society and also came with a watch case that could easily be made to swivel around to protect the glass in the watch from getting cracked by sheer force.

The artistic deco style of this timepiece was met with immediate approval, and its design is still quite appealing for watch collectors today. The watch’s angular case and its boldly designed blue hands have distinguished them for decades.

IWC Pilot’s Watch

The fact that the IWC Pilot’s Watch was the first pilot watch and it was introduced by IWC all the way back in 1936. These timepieces were derived from a collection that has continuously impressed watchmakers ever since. For example, the famed Mark 11 stemmed out of the Special Pilot Watch and was actually designed for the Royal Air Force.

This timepiece is made up of some pristine waterproof and stainless steel features in the case as well as a softer iron cage on the inside, which protects the watch from distortive magnetic fields. Also, this watch is considered to be among the finest watches the military have enjoyed. So much so that it has become somewhat of a collectors’ item in today’s world.

The watches which followed the Mark 11, like the fascinating Big-Pilot, are carrying on the philosophy and name of the iconic Pilot’s Watch.

Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Chronograph

The first ever perpetual calendar watch with a chronograph was made by Patek Philippe and was introduced all the way back in 1941. This watch had a diameter that measured only 35 millimetres, but it could keep track of the time and date without any adjustments for at least 200 years. This is why this model took the watch industry by storm.

Soon after, Patek Philippe modified their creation to evolve the Reference 1518 to the 2499 and all of these models have been a sensation and are highly sought after among watch collectors. The latest perpetual calendar (Reference 5270G) from this brand comes equipped with manufactured movement and in-house design, which also features a complex form of the split-second chronograph.

Rolex Datejust

Simple, precise, and strong, Rolex’s Datejust had been introduced to the world in 1945 and its distinguishing factor was the useful date indication in the dial. Initially, this date display had begun changing the date right before midnight. In 1955, however, thanks to the spring mechanism and intermediate gears, this date could easily jump right at the stroke of midnight.

This particular feature was considered to be a real revolutionary addition in the watches industry. So much so that this feature of the Rolex Datejust had trademarked this mechanism and its Cyclops lens for at least 9 years right after it had been introduced.

Since then, this overall design has remained the same and has been adorned by countless influential and famous individuals. These include Dwight D. Eisenhower and Winston Churchill, as well as others who loved it because of its elegance and sturdy character.

Breitling Navitimer- History of Watchmaking

This particular watch has been known for its useful slide rule and has not only been a favourite among aeronautical enthusiasts but also for watch connoisseurs and watch collectors. When it was introduced in 1952, this timepiece had incorporated its contemporary slide rule bezel. This tool is, to this day, used to calculate various complicated operations such as airspeed, distance, and fuel consumption.

Of course, it wasn’t just the practical features that made this watch iconic. The distinct and bold aesthetic of the watch itself is quite striking and there is no way this watch can go unnoticed on the wearers’ wrist.

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