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6 Most Anticipated Games at E3 2019

E3 2019 has come close. These are the most prominent titles that gamers around the world are waiting for.


GTA 6 (Grand Theft Auto 6):

According to the latest information published on our website, Rockstar Games is likely to attend the E3 2019 and announce a new game right at the event. Thus, if this information is true, the father of GTA will once attend the first E3 event in history. Earlier, throughout the 24-year history of E3, Rockstar Games had never attended the event.


Before this information, the biggest question here is what new game will Rockstar introduce? Is it GTA 6, the game that is being expected worldwide? To get the most accurate information about Rockstar and their new game, we will have to wait until E3 2019 that will be held this mid-June.

Half-Life 3:

Half Life 3! Half Life 3! Half Life 3!, This is the message that FPS fans in particular and the world gaming community in general wanted to send to Valve, nearly 13 years since the launch of Half Life 2, which adds up to the most desirable game now with a quality version, or at least the positive moves from Valve.


In an objective way, it must be said that Half Life 3 is almost a “debt” that Valve still lacks for fans around the world. In addition to rumors from many sides, Valve still has not made any move related to this project. To know the exact “fate” of this game, gamers will definitely have to wait for a while longer for E3 2019. Or maybe never.

Dead Island 2:

In the latest report of the developer of the THQ Nordic, the name Dead Island 2 still appears. Not only that, according to the executive director of THQ Nordic, Lars Wingefors, Dead Island 2 is still in the process of developing well and on schedule. The game has been promised to release soon. This is considered a piece of good news for Dead Island fans in particular and horror games in general.

It is known that Dead Island 2 is a sequel to the horror game of the same name that was released in 2011. The game is made in a role-playing style, acting and including an open world element. In part 1, the player will be stuck on a tropical island full of blood-thirsty zombies and caught up in the survival war to survive. Despite the content similar to many zombie games on the market, Dead Island still attracts players thanks to its own unique features.


Dead Island 2 was first introduced at the E3 2014 game fair. Through the trailer, we can see that Dead Island 2 allow 8 players to join the game at the same time. The game has many different character classes but at the present time, there are only 2 classes revealed: Berserker (melee) and Hunter (sneaky action).

Hopefully in the near future, Dead Island 2 will officially launch and be successful as its predecessor. In addition, the game is available for pre-order on the Microsoft Store for Xbox One.

Marvel’s Avengers:

After being announced by Marvel and Square Enix, the new Avengers game project immediately became the focus of the gaming world community. A series of information related to Marvel’s Avengers is revealed, among them, the most prominent is the game’s main game mode.

Marvel’s Avengers will be an adventure, action game that supports up to 4 players. Each player controls a different hero, all placed in a constantly expanding world. Basically, you will see Marvel’s Avengers has many similarities with Destiny 2, Division 2 and even Spider-Man PS4.


As expected, the event of launching the Marvel’s Avengers game project will take place on the night of June 11. Information about this event will be updated on our website and we hope you will pay close attention to it.

Death Stranding:

In the new trailer of Death Stranding, the gameplay video of this game is partially revealed. Accordingly, Death Stranding will be an adventure and open-world game. Besides, the game also has many elements such as sneaky action, third-person shooting, and even puzzle-based.

In terms of content and storyline, this is still unknown which Hideo Kojima wants to hide. In the trailer, we can see a number of battle scenes similar to World War 1 and World War 2. Not only that, but the sight of zombies holding guns has made many people think of zombies mode of Call of Duty.

A popular theory about Death Stranding is that this game exists in many parallel universes. In some ways, these parallel universes create many intersections that make space, the historical age; the context in the game is always changing and not fixed. Not even except the possibilities of time travel…

Overall, Hideo Kojima is still expressing the “monster” in his product. This legendary game maker has brought us many surprises in past products. So there is no reason to prevent surprises that will continue to extend to future products like Death Stranding. For a better look at this game, maybe we will have to wait for the most accurate answer.

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