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6 Love Stories Started from Hookup Sites

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Is online dating a good way to find love and do Love Stories Started from it? Does online dating lead to successful relationships? A lot of people often ask these questions and more. 

Online dating is an effective way of building a serious and loving relationship and to get Love Stories Started. Over 30% of US adults have used an online dating site or app. Of these, 12% found a committed relationship from it. Today, we are going to share some of those stories with you. 

Here are six super sweet stories about how people met online, fell in love, and became real couples. Before getting to the stories, here are some of the best hookup sites to get your Love Stories Started.


Grace and Jeremy

Living in LA

Jeremy moved to LA looking for a new opportunity in the film industry. Little did he know that the new opportunity would not be the only thing keeping him captive in LA. Jeremy shares his first encounter with Grace on Tinder.

“I moved to LA when I was 22 years old. After three years working in the film industry, I decided it was time to meet someone, get married, and have kids. So I went on Tinder, and that is where I first saw Grace. She was attractive, and we matched up really well.” 

“So, I knew on our first date that it would be easy talking to her. Neither of us was looking for a casual encounter. On our profiles, we were pretty clear about the kind of person we wanted to match with online.”

“When we finally met, I knew she was the one I wanted to build a life with. We went on a couple of dates and today, we’ve been married for five years. We have a three-year-old son and a 13-month-old daughter. We most likely would not have built this beautiful life together were it not for online dating.”

Christy and Scott

Living in New Jersey

Christy and Scott describe their online dating as a “pandemic Tinder match.” Christy had almost given up on dating after several dates that were not great. Then, a friend encouraged her to try Tinder, and that’s when she came across Scott’s profile.

She thought to herself, “He seems like a great guy. If this is my last time in the online dating world, I am willing to give him a shot.” So, in her last-ditch efforts, Christy matched with Scott, and that moment turned her life around.

“We started flirting on Tinder, back and forth for a couple of days before deciding to go on our first date. When I met Scott, he seemed shy, but I did not mind that. The date went okay, and we went on four more dates before we decided to make it official. Today, we have been together for two years.”

“We read, cook and even play video games together. It has been plenty of fun doing stuff together despite the current global pandemic.”

Tracie and Alexander

Living in Chicago

(As told by Alexander) “I moved to Chicago from Texas in 2018 to work at a magazine. One of my first stories was about online dating for 30-year-olds. My editor wanted to find out what it’s like for men and women in their 30s dating in Chicago. I started with speed dating, which was quite an adventure.”

“Next was a set up by a matchmaker and then online dating. I chose to try and match with a potential date. Although I was single, this was strictly professional. I went on more than 25 dates between speed dating and online dating, one almost every night of the month. The experience was exhausting, but I had a story to write, and it was my job.”

“There was one lady on with whom I really felt a connection. We had a great date, and we exchanged contacts. After publishing the story, I got in touch with her, and we have been together since then.”

Alysa and Greg

Living in Philadelphia

(As told by Alysa) “My friends have always considered me an online dating pro. I have tried many online dating sites and apps, including OkCupid,, eHarmony, and Tinder.”

“Dating in your 40s is not easy. On my 41st birthday, I made a wish – one full year of active online dating and then call it quits. Four months later, I went on a date with Greg. By this time, I was almost giving up, and I would’ve skipped the date, but I chose to go.”

“Surprise! Surprise! We had a fantastic date, and the next day, I texted my best friend and told her, “I found the one.”” She texted back, “When’s the wedding.” We have been married for two years now and enjoying every moment of it.

Caitlyn and Toby

Living in Dallas

The Tinder swipe also proved to be effective for Caitlyn and Toby. After matching with Caitlyn, Toby sent her a simple message, “Hi there,” with a smiley face. She texted back, and the two began an engaging conversation. As they say, “the rest was history.”

“We talked, met in person a week later, went on a couple of dates, and we’ve been together since.” Then, in June 2019, Toby quit his job and moved to Dallas to be with Caitlyn. “He proposed three months later, we eloped, bought our first home, and started our restaurant business.”

Carrie and Brian

Living in Nashville

(As told by Carrie) “Our love story began on Tinder. Brian is a drummer while I play the guitar. We matched on Tinder and immediately connected over our love for music. Brian was living in New York while I was living in Nashville. After chatting for a month, I took a flight to New York, and we went on our first date.

On our second date, Brian took a one-way flight from New York, and we moved in together after a week. “We’ve been married for 5 years now, and we have a son.” So not only did Carrie meet her future husband but her best friend and business partner. Their passion for music drove them to come together, and they have been weaving a life of love, music, and family.