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These Are The 6 Games That tinyBuild Will Bring To Nintendo Switch

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Since Switch is the new platform preferred by independent developers, it has become common for more and more titles to join the catalog of the new Nintendo console. On this occasion, the tinyBuild GAMES distribution company announced 6 games that will come to Switch in the coming months.

Through a publication on its official site, Alex Nichiporchik, the CEO of tinyBuild GAMES, announced the 6 games that will be included in the Switch catalog this year. At the beginning, we have The Final Station, an action game and resource management where you will face a post-apocalyptic world where you will have to move between train stations to understand what happened and the role you play in the story. This title will arrive this month at the eShop and has an estimated price of $14.99 USD and will include The Final Traitor expansion.

The second game that will arrive on Switch by tinyBuild is Clustertruck, a game inspired by the mechanics of “the floor is lava” where you will have to measure your dexterity and reaction capacity to jump on trucks in a movement whose drivers are not distinguished for being good drivers. The launch window of this game for Switch includes its arrival in March and its estimated price will be $14. 99 USD.

The next title announced by tinyBuild for Switch will be Punch Club, a clandestine MMA fighting game, where you will take control of a fighter in search of answers for the murder of his father. In addition to the fights, the game allows you to manage your training as a fighter in every way. The game is scheduled to debut on Switch in May of this year for $14.99, including the first DLC package.

In next summer, Switch will receive Party Hard, strategy and stealth game where you will take the role of a murderer who is responsible for eliminating all attendees at the city’s parties. As soon as you arrive at the place, you must finish with all those who are celebrating trying to be as discreet as possible. The game will cost $14.99 USD.

Another proposal for tinyBuild for Switch this year is Streets of Rogue, a game inspired by the design of the first Grand Theft Auto that integrates different styles such as action, RPG, shooting, stealth and street fights. In this game, the cities are generated in a random way so you will always have a fresh experience that allows you to kill all the inhabitants. The price of Streets of Rogue will be $14.99 USD.

Finally, Switch will receive Hello Neighbor this year, a game that already debuted on Xbox One and PC. In it, you will control a curious character who wants to know the mysteries of his neighbor’s house, especially what he hides in the basement. As soon as you enter the home you will realize that normal things do not happen and the entity that controls the house will do everything possible to prevent you from knowing the truth. The game will debut in the physical and digital version at $39.99 USD and will include all the content that was released until the time of its debut, at no extra cost.

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