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6 Common Sports Betting Rookie Mistakes


Every day countless sports bettors lose huge amounts of money due to mistakes made as a result of their lack of experience with sports gambling and it can be fixed. 

Starting to bet on sports & casino games is not that difficult if you follow some simple tips and manage to develop some analysis skills watching games regularly. Though betting newbies can face some pitfalls while the most successful gamblers win more than 60% of their bets because they are the one who avoids the simple mistakes & play with calm. 

These advices will be perfect for them who are serious and recreational on betting games. 

  1. Betting on sports you’re unfamiliar with

This is one of the common mistakes bettors do. If you don’t know about the basic rules of the game and the team’s previous statistics then it makes no sense betting on those particular events. Even if you bet on it, and you don’t know either team then it’s for sure you will settle yourself for losses at the end.  

For instance, if you don’t know about the hockey or cricket – how it is played & their game rules, then don’t bet on it until or unless you know about the games. So always stick with where your knowledge base is strongest. 

  1. Betting when a point spread is too high or too low

The point spread, which is sometimes referred to as “handicap betting” – is the number of points taken from the favorite, or given to the underdog, in order to open up the chances of either team winning the wager evenly. In every game or event, there is a team that is more likely to win based on previous results, home conditions & various factors.

If the end result is easy to predict then obviously betting won’t be that interesting. To overcome above and making the betting more exciting on the entire session the point spread was designed which allows betting on the losing team to win the bet.

Sometimes a point spread could appear out of whack while the sports bookies know the reason behind as the goal to get people to equally bet on both sides. So always aware of such point spread which seems too obvious for the betting.

  1. Betting from an unsafe app
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There are numbers of betting apps & sites available for betting on different sports and best online casino in India. You always have to choose the safe and trusted app for the fair availability of betting odds & instant cashouts of your winning amounts.

Another reason you need to choose a safe and trusted app because they can be more prone to

Some technical issues that are less common in their less portable bigger brothers. Always look for a site that works well in terms of compatibility, which has a variety of betting options with great customer service, valid license, responsible gambling features, quality & excellent promotion features.              

  1. Letting the emotions take over – choosing heart over head

While betting on any online betting events, players always need to ease the stress of strong emotions. Firstly, you need to look at the metrics and analytics before making any decisions. Basically, when your emotions run too high, ultimately logic becomes low that usually leads to irrational decisions.

Gambling and emotions are interrelated to each other and the betting on emotions really doesn’t work well together. Allowing emotions to influence anything where there is money to be made or lost is a big no. When your favorite team is playing, you’ll always want them to see winning even if the team is performing poorly. 

  1. Having unrealistic expectations

Always take time for a reality check that the vast majority of people will lose more money than they make with sports betting just because of having unrealistic expectations. Yet so many gamblers go with believing in breaking the book and win all at a time. 

Bettors always need to keep in mind that even the most experienced players only look to win about 60% of their picks against the spread while betting best live casino games.

So to keep on playing for a longer period of mind & win some money you just need to clear your mind from such unrealistic expectations so that one can pick the better decisions.

  1. Chasing losses
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Whether betting on online events or live betting, every player will be looking for the opportunity to win and nobody wants to lose. And it’s the part of the game – if one wins another loose. 

Usually, in the case of sports or casino betting, most of the players go for the case to make over the losses and end up losing more. 

Truth is chasing losses that will likely happen at some point on their betting situations, but avoiding it as much as possible will definitely help from heartaches.

Every player needs to know that sports and online betting are a long term investment in terms of profitability and one needs to learn from their losing streaks to get back to the stupendous winning streaks. 

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To conclude, every player should follow these tips to make proper decisions while betting on any sporting events and casino games. To go further you also need to be great at analysis and prognostication to win regularly. With all that said, if you fell to make use of all the above tips while betting no matter how good you’re at analysis you are more likely to end up losing big money.


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