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5 Video Games to Teach and Kill Boredom for Your Kid

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The pen and paper guideline for education purpose is still relevant in this modern age but should be integrated with other approaches, such as video games for effective learning. Game-based early childhood educational opportunities create an engaging platform that encourages kids to develop overwhelming skills that trigger competence while concentrating on the context of the game they are playing. Read on to find about the Games to Teach your kid.

Therefore, if you seek to improve the educational capability of your kid by ensuring that they are at par with the basic learning parameters that trigger competence, exposing your kid to a video game with an educational context will get the job done. Here are 5 video Games to Teach your kid that will help to enhance your kid’s learning ability and, at the same time, eliminating boredom: 


Prodigy Math

Prodigy is a smooth, engaging, and exciting math-based game played and recommended by millions of people, including teachers, parents, and students across the world. The game is affiliated to the school curriculum and offers assistance across different critical topics for kids in grades one to eight. It is solely designed to make math a friendly subject for students.

It is programmed with a math wizard that the kid is expected to compete against through math duels and win. For players to accomplish a mission, they are expected to answer some set of questions correctly. The questions start with simple ones and keep advancing as the child advances in playing the game. Therefore, the game progresses to difficulty levels while at the same time continues to suit the kid to higher education levels, for example, from grades 1 through 4 and lastly to grade 8.

The Homer

Homer is an educational game created with the sole mission of kick-starting a kid’s learning journey in a personalized style that is exciting and entertaining. It is accompanied by two critical learning products, namely stories and reading.

The game combines the kid’s reading capability and passion for stories. It attracts them into playing the game more often to develop their skills in reading. It, in turn, enables them to write and tell stories from comprehension article pieces and makes them good in custom writing

Start With Art

Start with art is an educational program with a video game setting aimed at introducing your kid to the four foundations of art, notably; shape, line, art message, and language in an entertaining manner. Moreover, the game is designed on the foundation of creativity building that fosters visual learning, open-mindedness, problem-solving, and innovativeness, among other elements.

The content of the game displays objects, such as animals that are relevant within the context of the locality, to make it more fun and enjoyable to the players. Children are always excited about the animation of the objects that are relevant to their environment, and this play enables them to solve problems they can relate to.

The Oregon Trail

Oregon Trail

The Oregon trail came to existence towards the end of 1970, and up to now, has change varieties of its operational perimeters to fit the trends and the contemporary settings. The game is primarily made to equip students with problem-solving skills, liberal thinking, and familiarizing them with a historical event, among other things that are critical in education.

The game context allows the player to trade, upgrade wagons, buy food, and get medicines to the affiliates to enhance their strength and avoid losing to the opponents. Therefore, to be a pro player, one needs to be swift and highly knowledgeable to make calculations and informed decisions to help their group. Thus, it boosts one’s judgment and reaction abilities.


Tynker is a technology-themed video game that, just like reading and writing, introduces and teaches kids coding and programming. It is designed to offer coding courses that are exciting that the player undertakes across all the game levels.

It is created with a lot of modules to give a kid optimal fun with lessons to encourage them to keep on advancing level after another while at the same time earning lucrative budges. Also, it comes with a help button with interactive explanations to give the player a startup layout whenever they get stuc

The realm of entertainment is constantly growing to change different aspects of its existence. The connection with education, for instance, Games to Teach your kid exciting. It is no longer just an issue for entertainment, but educational purposes as well. Some games, such as Homer, enhance a kid’s reading and writing skills, which are essential in education.