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5 Tools for Pro Gamers to Supercharge their Online Experience

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The online gaming industry is now one of the biggest out there and it continues to grow despite a pandemic. The industry is projected to be valued at around 18.22 million US dollars by the end of this year. By 2025, it is expected to reach the value of over 19 million US dollars with a CAGR of 0.9 percent. The growth of the gaming industry isn’t exactly a shocker to many as the industry has been growing a lot over the last decade. Find the tools for pro gamers to supercharge their online experience.

Technology has been well-acquainted with gaming and nowadays, people don’t just play games. They also use streamladder for games that they enjoy on different platforms like Twitch to Tiktok and YouTube and they participate in esports tournaments. Tools for pro gamers simply take gaming seriously and fortunately for them, there are now many tools they can use to have a much smoother gaming experience. Here are five tools for pro gamers should have.

  • Video Game Distribution Platform/Services

As soon as you get your gaming PC setup, it’s most likely that your first concern is how you can get the games that you’d like to play. This having software like Steam on your computer is a priority. No gamer probably doesn’t have membership on such platforms.

Steam has to be the most-downloaded when it comes to this. It gives PC gamers a secure and professional system that they can use for their consoles. Here, gamers can buy, play, create, and discuss different types of games. It is free to download and you can also install this on an Android phone or TV. 

  • A tool that Can Help with ISP Throttling

While gaming, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may execute broadband throttling on you. This could increase your ping times and lags which could lead to a frustrating gaming experience. To avoid this, you can download and use a VPN.

Bandwidth throttling is common and this happens from time to time as a way for your ISP to regulate network traffic and minimize bandwidth congestion.  VPNs can protect you from this by obfuscating your traffic from your ISP. This could significantly improve your overall game speed and ping times.

  • PC Optimizer

Aside from throttling, there are times that games still lag because your computer isn’t performing as it should. This is why it’s always best that you also download software that could optimize your computer. Such software can free up valuable resources on your PC and RAM so that your games can run with higher frames per second.

One of the most popularly downloaded software when it comes to this by gamers is the Razer Cortex: Game Booster. Razer is one of the most established gaming accessories brands out there and it’s easy to understand why gamers trust this brand. This software is great to use as well for older PCs.

  • Voice Chat Application

There are so many games that are playable in multiplayer modes and while in-game sounds are good enough for many, there are still games that won’t allow you to voice chat with other players. Hearing the people you’re playing with makes the game more immersive and luckily, there are many voice chat apps for gamers right now that you can download like Discord.

Discord is free to download and is one of the popular VoIPs out there that are initially made for gamers. However, because of its features, many people outside gaming also use this. Here, you can voice chat, message, and join group chats as well while you play any game.

  • Recording and Streaming Software

It’s common for pro-gamers nowadays to stream their gameplays to share their skills or simply entertain other gamers. Whether your streaming platform of choice is Twitch, YouTube, or Vimeo, you will need recording and streaming software for your stream to be smooth and even aesthetically pleasing.

A high-end software you can download for this is OBS Studio. This is great for people who want to make sure that their stream is of quality. OBS Studio allows you to stream to your server or other streaming platforms while controlling how your stream looks. You can also use this if you want to stream on HD.


As a gamer, one of your priorities is to make sure that you enjoy a smooth and hassle-free gaming experience. While you do need a great PC setup to achieve the best gaming experience, you can always seek the help of these tools for pro gamers we’ve mentioned to improve your setup without having to spend too much. The majority of the tools we mentioned are free to download and are generally cheap if you have to purchase them.