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5 Tips to Plan and Prepare for Your Big Move

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Moving across town? Or maybe to the next state over? Maybe you’ve got your sites set on that dream city across the country. Whatever your plans are, you’ve to prepare for big move in store. And, if there’s one thing that’s always true about moving, it’s that it can be a serious headache. 

That’s why we’re putting together a list of 5 simple tips that will make your move a lot less of a hassle. Settle into your new home and enjoy your new surroundings without the feeling like you’re in way over your head; check out these tips to see how!


Make a packing list

One of the biggest mistakes that most people make is when they prepare for a big move and forget to make a packing list. Your packing list helps you ensure that you’re bringing everything you need to, and lets you know whether there’s something missing once you arrive at your destination. 

  • Pro tip: There are tons of packing list apps out there that can help keep your list concise and easy to read, if you’re looking for a higher-tech way to keep track of all your belongings. 

Your packing list should be simple, well-organized, and effective. One way to ensure that is to organize your packing list in a way that corresponds to the way you pack your belongings. That brings us to the next important tip that you should keep in mind as you move. 

Organize your belongings

What’s another common packing mistake too many people make? Not thinking through the way you organize your belongings. Next thing you know, you arrive at your destination and open up a box to find a box of medicine next to your spatulas and also some socks. Not exactly helpful when setting up your new place. 

Instead of just cramming whatever fits into whatever box you happen to find, plan ahead. Start by purchasing cardboard boxes online; it’s usually a good idea to buy more than you need. They’re inexpensive, and it’s better to have them and not need them than need them and not have them (plus, you can use them to mail stuff later).

Next, organize your belongings by category. Going room-by-room usually makes sense. All the kitchen stuff can go in one set of boxes, the bathroom stuff in another, and so on and so forth. 

Make a labeling system you can stick to

Once you’ve organized your boxes, be sure to carefully label them. Once they’re all sealed up it can be impossible to tell what’s in which box. The last thing you want is to realize you desperately need a pan to cook dinner and not knowing which blank box has your kitchen stuff in it. 

Use a labeling method that’s simple, easy-to-read, and most importantly, that you’ll actually stick to. One simple trick: once you’ve organized your boxes by category, label them, and write down a few of the most important items that you’re likely to need your first few nights as well. 



  • Pans
  • Spatulas
  • Spices

That way, you can easily find the stuff you need right when you need it. 

Plan and Prepare

Hire some professional help

Moving larger parts of your home can be especially difficult. Couches, appliances like refrigerators, and your bed can all be a massive pain to move. Professional movers can make it much easier.

Finding professional movers is often as simple as a quick search-engine search, like “movers near me” or “movers Chicago” if you’re moving in the Cook County area. Be sure you note whether the movers you’re hoping to work with are able to move you the distance you need. For instance, a local team might not be able to take your belongings across six or seven state lines. 

Use it as a chance to clean house

The last tip is one of our favorites: you can use moving as a great excuse to get rid of stuff you don’t want! Before getting ready to go, have a big yard sale and get a bit of extra cash to help fund your to prepare for a big move while unloading some of the old things you don’t use anymore. 

The stuff you can’t sell, donate to your local Goodwill so somebody else can use them! Cleaning out old stuff is fun, rewarding, and can make your move a whole lot easier. With the right set of tips, moving into a new home doesn’t have to be the hassle you’re dreading!