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5 things to own for a highly effective life

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Whether you are closing a deal or presenting a project or proposal to the CEO, you want to look and feel confident. However, the imposter syndrome eats into your confidence, making your job even harder.

While confidence is the recipe for success, other things make your day highly effective. It starts with how you dress and feel once you step out to start the day. If you want your days to be brighter and stress-free, here are five things to own for a highly effective life.


1. A good wristwatch

A wristwatch is something that allows you to look stylish yet keeps you time conscious. While phones show time, a watch is better and efficient. You do not want something that distracts you when you check the time.

Rolex watches offer quality as they complement your outfit, and they are a great conversation starter. If you want to buy a good watch, they have plenty of choices that meet your needs.

When buying a watch, you have to select something that serves you well. A quality piece has hands, great material, and lasts long.

2. Book collection

A solid book collection will create a pathway to success. Most successful people spend most of their time reading. Reading is a way to gain knowledge and relax. Additionally, books are entertaining.

Leisure spent with a book in hand, is an opportunity to build a better you. Build a library little by little, and soon enough, you will have a book collection. Further, establish the genres you like most and follow your passion.

Reading improves your social life and makes your relationships more rewarding. An excellent read is a conversation starter. Soon enough, you will no longer have those long boring conversations that you would rather avoid. 

3. A fragrance

While most men do not like fragrances, owning one can make all the difference. A fragrance will save you when you are nervous and sweaty. It also makes you confident.

There are several brands that you can depend on for the freshest fragrances. It might take some time before you have a fragrance that makes you feel good. It is out there and you have to locate it. 

If you like to keep it on a budget, most fragrances last long enough. The scent will stay on your clothes even after a wash.

4. A decent work bag

Do not be one of those people who carry documents with plastic folders. They may end up losing some vital work documents if they do not have a decent work bag.

Embarrassing moments like removing a contact from your bag or having your client cringe on the numerous dog ears should motivate you to invest in a good bag.

A leather carrier bag will keep your documents safe and sound. It does not have to cost an arm and a leg to own. Besides, investing in a work bag safeguards your work and valuable gadgets.

5. Quality belt

Remember when your belt gave out at work? A quality belt can save you from mishaps. A leather belt that matches your shoes is essential for every man’s wardrobe.

Some nice belts are scratch-resistant and come in the correct sizes to suit your waist. An oversized belt is untidy and cringe-worthy.

6. Grooming kit

To look sharp, invest in a grooming kit. The kit must be easy to use and ready to go in the morning when you are short on time. It should also cater to all your grooming needs.

A set of tweezers and nail clippers is as vital as wearing lotion. No one wants to set sight on unmaintained feet and nails. Some sets have a manscaping kit to keep everything you need within reach.

With the list above, your days will be brighter and better. It will boost your confidence and help you close more deals without cutting some sweat.