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5 things to consider while shopping for headphones

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With streaming websites becoming more and more popular, headphones are becoming quite popular these days.

When you search for headphones online, you will realize that there are quite a few options available.

Before you shop for headphones in Singapore, it is a good idea to know how to choose between these different models. Once you know what to consider, buying the right phone becomes easy.


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    Type of headphones:

The 1st thing which you need to consider is the type of headphones that you wish to buy. Only when you’re sure about the kind you want to go with can you buy headphones in Singapore easily.

In-ear headphones – The in-ear headphones rest inside your ears when you wear them.

On-ear headphones – These turn on your ears.

Over the ears headphones- If you’re going with the most affordable option, over-the-ear headphones are a strong contender. You can wear them for hours together as they cover your ears and not put any pressure on your ears.

These are the three types of headphones available. You have to decide which ones are preferable for you.

  • Sensitivity:

The sensitivity of the headphones will determine how loud the music actually is.

When you look at the specification, it is generally in the range of 110 DB/MW. Instead of going into the technical details of the specification, it is a good idea to go with the headphone that has a minimum rating of 85 DB/MW.

  • Comfort:

The comfort of the headphones depends on the fabric which gets in contact with your ear. The headband also plays a very important role when choosing the headphone.

It should be adjustable and comfortable.

The weight of the headphone also determines the comfort level.

You have to consider all these factors, and thereafter it becomes easier for you to choose the headphone.

  • Noise cancellation headphones:

The design of the headphone will determine whether you are able to insulate the noise from outside or not.

Also, many headphones have electric noise cancellation features as well. In that case, even if the audio track has any kind of distortion, the headphones will eliminate it.

The design of the headphones should be such that you are able to cancel the noise around you and also in the audio track. That will certainly improve the audio quality.

Of course, if you want to go with the headphone which insulates the surrounding noise as well as the distortion or hum in the track, the cost will increase as well. That is why you have to decide whether you need the noise cancellation feature or not.

  • Frequency response:

When you’re comparing headphones, you will realize that every headphone has a listed frequency response range.

The audio frequency ranges between 20 Hz to 20 kHz. While buying a headphone, you have to ensure that the frequency response of the headphone is as close to this range as possible. When that is the case, it will reproduce every audio frequency accurately. When it reproduces every frequency, you will be able to enjoy the audio tracks without any worry.

While comparing the different headphones, you have to consider these 5 things. Once you consider these 5 things, it becomes easy for you to choose the best headphone on offer.