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5 Things to Consider When You Want To Buy A Second Hand Car

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When it comes to buying a car, sure everyone wants a brand new one but if I tell you, you can have your desired car that is just a few months old at a very low price compared to a new one, sounds tempting right. Let’s see things to consider when you want to buy a second hand car.

If you are someone who just wants to have a spare vehicle then buying a second-hand car is the right option for you. On the other hand, if you are new to driving and want to get smooth at it then get a used car for practice because obviously nobody wants a scratch or any damage to their new car.


Let me break it to you, buying a used car is not a piece of cake unlike buying a new one. There are several things you need to pay attention to before actually buying it. 


5 Things to Consider When You Want To Buy A Second Hand Car


Sure, purchasing a used car might seem a good option but there are risks to it. Until or unless you have looked into every aspect before buying a car, don’t pay off. There’s no hurry to buy, firstly get satisfied and assured of the used card then only go ahead.

Here’s a list of 5 things to consider while buying a used car:

1. Your Needs and Budget

The foremost thing is to decide what kind of car you’re looking for as there are hundreds of models out there. Choose the best one according to your needs, like 

  • A big car if you have a family
  • A small car if you live alone
  • What features do you want in your car
  • The mileage of the car, etc

Do the research work, take the help of the internet, and then decide. Always have 2-3 cars on a list, as the particular car doesn’t need to be available according to your budget. 

Once the car model is decided, set the budget for what you are willing to pay and compare it to the market price that is provided by different dealers for the used car and then make changes to your budget, if it needs any.

Plan from where you’re going to pay off like, self-funding, loan, lease, etc.

     2. Get the Car and Its Paper Inspected 

Do not hurry and buy the car immediately. First, do a thorough inspection of the car and its papers because nobody wants to get stuck with a car that is nothing but just garbage that costs you a lot.


Get a test drive of the car as you are going to be the owner of the car and check if it’s up to your expectations or not. Don’t just take a test drive of 1-2 miles, at least drive it 9-10 miles from neighborhood to highways. 


Check its endurance by abrupt braking, check the actual mileage it is giving rather than just believing the previous owner or dealer.  


Take it to a professional mechanic and get it inspected to ensure that the vehicle is in a good state and can be used. 


The most important part is to inspect the history of the vehicle. Ask the dealer to show you the previous papers of the car that talks about:

  • Prior accidents the car has gone through

  • Maintenance history

  • By any means, the odometer has been lowered back. 

Or simply get the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and check the information yourself and get assured.

      3. Paper Work

It is the most crucial step while buying a used car, as once it is done you can’t go back. Get a contract ready to transfer the dealership of the car from the ex-owner to you, read the whole contract thoroughly to ensure that you are getting what you have been told by the dealer.


Don’t just trust the dealer’s word. Get all the other important documents attached to the contract like:

  • Warranty papers

  • Insurance document

  • Registration Certificate

  • Pollution Certificate

  • Original documents of the car and other important papers.

Get the insurance of the car under your name once the ownership is transferred to you. 

To avoid any problems after buying the car one should go through the guidelines set by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) link for consumers for buying a used car from a dealer.  

     4. Always Negotiate 

Keep in mind that you are the customer and don’t just pay off the money the dealer has asked you to but rather negotiate first.


Make this deal that benefits you more, bargain with the dealer, and settle to a price the dealer and you both are okay with. 


If you thoroughly did your research work on the selected car and you find any missing string then you have a chance to negotiate and lower the prices a bit.  


Remember, if the deal is not up to your expectations and budget-friendly then you always have the option to walk out, don’t just deliberately stick to the deal.

     5. Clean and Fix the Car


Once you seal the contract and have the keys to your car, you can now get the car serviced and renovate it according to your liking. 


Get the car cleaned as you don’t want the smell lurking around left by the ex-owner. Check the fluid and get it changed if required. Do the other required fixes in the car.

Change the old headlights to new ones, aftermarket headlight manufacturers offer you different styles of headlight spares at a good price. 

to give the new look to the car you can get the interiors changed like a new music system or install LED Neon Lights.


Buying a used car can be a great deal saving you thousands of bucks which makes it convenient for the people who are going tight on the budget.


But as said it is a risk too, however, you can’t totally eliminate the risks but can get extra precautious considering the above-mentioned tips to avoid the risks.