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5 Subjects to Earn Your Online AED CPR Certification!

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Online AED CPR Certification is a convenient way to earn AED CPR Certification without the hassle of getting to an actual AED CPR Training class. There are plenty of reasons to get your online AED CPR certification. 

Online AED CPR has many benefits over traditional classes. With online AED CPR certification, you can take the course anywhere at any convenient time for you and access resources to help you learn and practice your AED CPR skills. In addition, you will have access to video demonstrations and practice exams.

To get this online certification, you need to watch some videos every day for a couple of days in a row. After watching the videos from one course, you can then take a quiz. Once you pass the quiz, you are free to watch videos of the next course. Finally, after completing all the courses, you will print out your certification.

There are various subjects you can study to become certified in AED CPR. These subjects enable you to provide the best possible care to anyone who may need your help. Here are five subjects among the many that lead to AED CPR certification:



You can focus on specialties such as pediatric healthcare, gerontological healthcare, or even psychiatric healthcare when it comes to healthcare. No matter the subject you choose to focus on, it is paramount that you get the most out of your training and certificate. You will study child development to handle common childhood illnesses and injuries.

First Aid

First aid is a crucial subject to study for an online AED CPR certification from MyCPR NOW. You learn about all the different situations where you would use first aid, handle them, and what supplies are necessary.


When it comes to CPR, there is a lot of information that you will need to acquire to earn certification, including different types of CPR, when to use, and how to perform them correctly. In addition, you will also need to learn about cardiac arrest first aid to help someone who is having a heart attack. Having AED CPR certification affirms that you will provide the best possible care for someone experiencing a cardiac emergency.

AED usage

An AED certification, or automated external defibrillator certification, is necessary to acquire for many reasons. Most importantly, however, getting certified can help save lives by giving you the skills and knowledge to use an AED in case of emergency. As such, if there isn’t a medically trained professional on-scene, using an AED can be the difference between life and death.

Various places provide certification in AED usage. For example, many hospitals and private institutions offer this certification.


Coursework is not complete without learning about safety. Topics on safety include using an AED safely, storing, and when to use an AED.


AED CPR is an important life skill that could mean the difference between life and death in emergencies. However, traditional AED CPR training classes can be inconvenient due to busy schedules or locations. That is why online AED CPR certification is such a great bargain.