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5 Steps to sports Gambling Success in 2020

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Tracing back the history of Online Cricket Betting ID in India, it seems to have started since ancient times. You might have heard a story of a king “Yudistahira” who lost his kingdom in gambling and had to leave his palace to take recluse in the forest along with his family.

However, modern-day gambling is not like the one in the ancient days. It is much safe and preferable. 

Here, we will be talking about online sports gambling which is gaining traction in India. Indians are a fan of sports. They don’t wish to let go of the opportunity to bet on their favorite spotrs and earn a sizable profit. 

There are some steps in sports gambling that every Indian sports gambling enthusiast must know. It will ease your gameplay and enhance your winning odds. 

In this article, you will be guided through the five useful steps for successful Cricket ID sports gambling in India. Without much ado, let’s dive into it. 

  1. Don’t always follow the trend

Some people pour all their online casino funds on the favourites in the hope of making a sizable profit. But where does this assurance comes from? It could be the market trend or the expert advice that they have been following for long. 

Are you one of them? Well, first let’s make it clear that your hunch will not work every time. Even the experienced bettors lose at the end of the day. 

If you don’t wish to lose your bet like 90% of the bettors, then you have to learn the betting skills and tap the right opportunity to bet. How about utilizing your precious time to learn about the other types of bets on your favourite sports? 

Say you are betting on soccer. You can switch to different types of bets like total goals (Over/under), Special/Props, Accumulators/Parlays instead of betting only on Handicap. You also have to look out for underdogs as they tend to perform exceptionally well in their home grounds.

  1. Be Careful About the Betting Lines

Sportsbook or the bookmakers set the betting lines for your bet. Several factors influence the betting lines. For instance, if the majority of people bet on one side of a bet, then sportsbook move the line to balance the book.

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In general, they have the statistical advantage to alter the bet lines. Therefore, you have to be careful before placing your bets. It isn’t like each betting lines have good payout value. If you are betting on your favourites, then the chances are you will be receiving lesser payouts. 

Also, forming a preconceived notion of the game will not be beneficial to you. Thus, evaluate the game properly and find out if the betting lines have some value. 

  1. Take a Step at a Time and Build Your Winning Method 

To culminate success, you need to be hardworking, dedicated and determined. And to start your journey to success, you have to start small and slowly build your path. The same goes for sports betting. 

You have to start with a small bet and keep betting until you find the proven system to win. It is like laying bricks and adding mortar to make it firm. It may take some time, but with your patience and determination, you are more likely to find a profitable system that works for you. 

So first learn as you can. Make sure that you are learning from your every loss and win. Slowly as you get the hang of the game, raise your ante and play like a pro. 

  1. Only Bet with a Trusted Sportsbook 

As there are hundreds of online sportsbook in the web market, all of them may not provide safe and reliable service to you. You may unexpectedly fall in the trap of some shoddy sportsbook that may offer you counterfeit odds and markets.

They may even make you wait for months to withdraw your winnings. Likewise, they may also give your private information to the third parties in exchange for some cash or benefits. These are the worst-case scenario you could imagine if you mistakenly get into their trap. 

However, we are now sure that it won’t happen to you. Providing safe and reliable online gaming service to the Indian casino lovers, BetBarter – best online betting in India offers exclusive odds, better betting flexibility and winning opportunities to their players. So you always need to go with the licensed and regulated online casino sites that facilitate instant deposit and super-fast withdrawal service.

  1. Play Wisely and Build Your Bankroll 
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If you are making sports bet with your regular accounts, then you might get into trouble. It’s not like you shouldn’t bet from your daily wages, but the consequences will not be good. If you go on the down streaks with your limited funds, then it could be hard for you to manage other expenses.

Therefore, set aside a certain sum of money for the betting purpose without affecting your saving. It will keep you on the right track and prevents gambling addiction. 

The only way you can enlarge your bankroll is by winning as much as possible. But don’t expect it to happen overnight. It takes time and patience.

Once you set your large bankroll, you can raise your stakes on the game for the massive payouts. The next reason to have a larger bankroll is to last long in the game.

If you get on the losing streak, you may have to raise your bet on the upcoming rounds to recover from the previous losses. 

Additionally, there is always a chance to win a whopping cash amount with the bigger stakes. Therefore you need to focus on enlarging your bankroll to get the upper hand in sports betting. 


In brief, sports gambling is mostly based on your luck and Instinct. You will find many expert tips and guidelines for sports betting that will guide you in your betting journey.

But the best thing you could do is to research about the betting markets, and its profitability. For this, you need to find a trustworthy online sportsbooks like Bet4plus, BetBarter and SkyLive. 

Last but not least, it is recommended to have a bankroll of your own and an idea about the betting rules on your favourite sports. Once you learn the rule and understand the betting lines offered by the sportsbook, you will be all set to strike a beginner’s luck.