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5 small ways gamers can end up spending a fortune

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If you’re reading this, then it’s safe to assume that you are a gamer. Or at least an enthusiast of some sort. Maybe you play video games, or perhaps you stream them on your computer or YouTube channel. Let’s see small ways gamers end up spending a fortune.

Regardless, as gamers, they all have one thing in common: they love to spend money on something related to gaming. Whether it’s buying the newest game for $60 or spending hours looking for rare items online. Unfortunately, there are many ways that our hobby can end up costing you more than just time and money- it can become expensive too. The most obvious way is when hackers steal accounts with valuable characters and items from players who don’t take precautions before logging out of their performances! Here are ways gamers spend money online and how to save it. 

  1. Buying games that are not on sale: All gamers love a good deal, and Steam/Epicgames, in particular, is very well known for its massive sales. However, they will put on many of the games you might not have been interested in before the sale, so if your budget can handle it, pick up these games instead of paying the total price! It is a ruse to get you to buy games that you are not interested in by putting them up for sale. 
  2. Buying unnecessary character upgrades: WOW characters are an extreme example of this, and there are tons of examples from other games like League of Legends. People quickly spend $200 a month playing Advanced Warfare’s online campaign mode, not including the additional cost for Xbox Live Gold membership to play multiplayer. Again, it’s all about balance- if you enjoy it, then why not? But you may want to master the upgrades residing with you before buying extra ones that you will not be able to use for the win. 
  3. This one is all about self-control- if you want the new skin for your favorite character or weapon and you have the money to pay for it, then go ahead. However, please note that cosmetics are usually just tiny changes that don’t affect or change gameplay in any way. Only buy cosmetics that will increase the value of your gaming experience.                                       
  4. Additives: Gaming at a computer cafe or buying coffee from a convenience store instead of brewing their own; buying more expensive food to fuel their gaming sessions, such as energy drinks and protein bars, are side spendings that don’t seem like a game investment are part of your gaming session. Try to avoid buying out as the cost may build up at the end of the month and may cost multiples of what it could have been if you had cooked at home.                                                                                                                                                 
  5. Expensive purchases: Buying a new console every time it comes out, Collecting every single game in the series of your favorite video game, Using money from savings or investments to buy expensive gaming equipment rather than paying off credit card debt, Spending money on the newest and best game titles as soon as they come out. All the mentioned purchases may seem like every gamer’s dream, but you must guard your budget as luxurious investments are unnecessary. 
  6. Paying to get out of a ban or buying an account that is already higher level. Not everyone has the time to play games for long periods to gain levels and items that are helpful throughout the game. Most people spend their money getting around these restrictions by paying someone else with a higher-level account to do this for them. It may often cost a great deal of money, and it is also illegal in many games- so be careful! Instead, you may use  free HWID spoofer, which is a cost-free way to play your favorites without paying hefty sums of money. 
  7. Subscriptions and in-game purchases: Paying for monthly subscriptions to onlinegames, such as World of Warcraft can add up over a year. It is especially true if you spend a lot of time playing said game or having multiple accounts for different characters. Developers also lure you in with game passes that allow you access to all addons for a specific period or for certain ingame goods.                                                                                              However, there are many ways that this money can be saved and put towards your favorite games. If you’re using an online service like Gaming Xtreme, then many games are already discounted so that you can play them without having to pay for an online subscription. Even if you’re using Steam, there is a way to get money back on purchases made from the store and give you extra cash towards future purchases.                                                                                                                                                                                    
  1. Merchandise: Spending money on video game merchandise like clothes or figurines of favorite characters. Most gamers will agree that there is something special about having a figure on their desks to show off or wearing clothes with characters from their favorite games. While it’s not the essential item out there, some people like to show their fandom, which may be one way of doing so. Try avoiding such purchases, spending on the experience instead.  
  2. Microtransactions: gamers Spend time on in-game microtransactions like loot boxes and skins. Micro-transactions have become a massive part of modern gaming. While some big titles such as League of Legends and Minecraft are still entirely free to play, others now charge for add-on content such as additional maps or new characters. While microtransactions aren’t necessarily a bad thing, they can ruin the experience if you overuse them. For example, free gameplay with lots of microtransactions, chances are that you will get fed up with playing for free and do stupid things to increase your spending power

Conclusion: as a gamer, you always know that there is a way to overcome the calamity by hook or crook. So when you know you are spending an unnecessary sum of money over upgrades before you actually require the upgrade, you might want to check yourself and step back for a time being. Instead, you can farm the ingame currency, which will make you better at the game as well as add up money for you to buy ingame purchases without having to pay in dollars. You must try to save your money for important events instead of investing more and more in a game that is not yielding any wins. Play more, play safe.