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5 reasons cable TV is not dying even in 2022

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Wait, what? Are you thinking of cutting the cord? Are you sure that is the right choice? If not, give a read to this article because we have all the reasons in the world for you to stay with cable. 

Why? Keep reading to find that out.

Television is undergoing a transformation. Today, almost every TV you buy comes equipped with dozens of apps, special features, and Wi-Fi connectivity. These TVs are aimed at cord-cutter customers who have abandoned their cable TV service in favor of streaming online.

With so many streaming services out there, people are just crazy to go with the binge-watching trend. While some prefer to keep the TV and still stream Netflix, especially if the cable TV has amazing deals too, such as Cox cable offers every now and then. Others tend to cut the cord completely. However, what if you have had cable for years and are unsure whether you should make the switch?

 We discuss in this article many reasons why you should not cut the cord just yet.


What exactly is Cutting the Cord?

“Cutting the cord” refers to canceling a cable subscription in exchange for a streaming service. Typically, this occurs when people decide they are paying too much for their cable subscription or are not using it enough.

There is no secret that retailers like Walmart, Target, and Best Buy have stocked up on products that transform your current TV into a smart one. In addition to Roku and Fire Stick, there are other devices that have only increased the number of subscribers who have left cable.

The phrase “cutting the cord” refers to the fact that you turn over your cable box and other devices back to your cable company when your cable contract ends, and you rely purely on Wi-Fi for your entertainment needs.

Before you make this life-changing decision, you should ask yourself a few questions. And what would those be? 

  • Why do you use a cable? For what purpose do you use it?
  • How often do you watch TV? 
  • Are you satisfied with the bill and services?

By answering these questions, you would have a crystal clear idea of whether or whether not to go with a streaming service.

Firstly, assess and find out the reasons why you use cable. What are a few things that you believe are best about TV that a streaming service fails to offer? 

A lot of people stick to cable because of new reports, updated football matches, of course, other sports, and instant new releases of their favorite shows. 

Many love the idea of sitting in front of the TV watching a movie with a plate full of their favorite meal. In other words, for “cozy home” vibes.  

You simply should not cancel your cable if you cannot imagine going more than two days without being able to access your DVR or channel flipping. Evaluate what you use your cable for. Most people who cut the cord do so because they do not use their cable enough. If you are not using it, why pay for it?

Each person earns a different amount of money. The average cost of cable is too expensive for some households, and the best option would be to switch over to streaming services.

However, this is not true for everyone. You do not have to get rid of cable if you are happy with it, and it does not take a lot of money from your wallet.

With that, below are the top five reasons to not consider streaming services yet. 

5 Benefits of Cable TV over Streaming Services

Are you one of the 65% of Americans subscribed to cable TV because of the wide range of entertainment it offers?

As streaming services like Netflix have grown, cable TV watching has waned in popularity, but you should not disregard it completely. Even if it faces more competition now than it did in the 1980s and 1990s, it still has a lot to offer.

Discover some of the reasons why cable is the best choice for watching TV-keep reading to learn more.

  • You do not have to rely on the internet

Slow internet is something we have all experienced.

Sometimes, it happens when you are trying to submit a school assignment or getting ready for a webcam interview. There are times when the internet is slow for no reason, while other times it is slow because too many people are using the network. Some people may be watching YouTube in one room, while others are playing online games with friends, while others are researching for a project.

Anyhow, with an overabundance of devices connected, the internet does not want to work as hard.

Since cable is separate from the internet, you do not have to worry about buffering when you are in the middle of watching your favorite show. No matter how many people are watching TV, as long as each TV has its own cable box, there will not be any interference.

  • You can get bundle pricing

The prices of cable providers are not set in stone. It is easier to negotiate prices with them since they have been experiencing such a large influx of cord-cutters.

Cable and internet providers offer bundle packages as a common commodity. If you subscribe to multiple services from them, such as phone, internet, and cable, you will pay less per service. Prices can even be lower if you pay for premium services like 5G internet and international phone plans.

  • You can have the best collection of channels

While you can watch ABC news anytime you want with some streaming services like Hulu, is that all you wish to see? Despite Sling TV’s 53 channels, it is still not much. Starting at 65 channels, AT&T plans are already more than any streaming service. Satellite dishes are required for DISH Network, which offers 190+ channels.

You can also choose the channels you would like to see so that you will not be charged for channels you do not watch.


Cable cutters sometimes encourage sports fans to switch over to the streaming service ESPN+ instead of watching live sports on cable. The ESPN+ service can provide you with a lot of access to sporting events, but it is not as good as it appears. Monday Night Football and NBA games are among the content ESPN+ excludes.

There is no viable platform for fans of sports who like to watch essential games as they happen since ESPN+ consists mostly of games that were not popular enough to make it onto any live channels.

  • Remember that streaming services add up

Suppose you decide to cut the cord and sign up for an online streaming service like Netflix. It costs $12.99 per month for two people. Suddenly, you start seeing ads for Hulu, and you decide to subscribe, paying $12.99 in addition to your Netflix subscription. Next, you decide to rewatch Star Wars, so you sign up for Disney+ at $7.99 a month.

You will not be able to get everything you want via one singular streaming service.

There will always be something else you want to watch that is only available through another streaming service, which means you will have to subscribe to multiple streaming services. Initially, you may not have to pay much for your cable TV service, but overall, you might end up paying more for it.

  • The on-demand Improvement is always there

 As of now, cable companies have done well in keeping up with the rapidly growing streaming industry.

DirectTV has an app where you can rent movies, watch shows on-demand, and watch recordings. With cable television, you will have the flexibility of a streaming service.


Let us not cut the cord yet.

You do not need to get rid of cable TV if you enjoy it and do not feel like it’s draining your income every month. 

Streaming companies are constantly competing with each other. Often, shows are moved around or canceled at the end of a contract (such as when Friends relocated from Netflix to HBO). Cutting the cord and signing up for one streaming service will likely lead you to sign up for multiples, which will result in higher monthly fees.

Moreover, cable TV has everything, from sports to award shows to news coverage, if you enjoy live television.