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5 Live Entertainment Acts Sure to Make an Impression on Guests

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Entertainment is a key part of any event, so you must think through your performers as much as possible. Whether you theme them around the party itself or pick someone that’s bespoke to the party-goers, it’s a lot of fun to create a party that people will be talking about for years to come. Live Entertainment Acts –


Celebrity Impersonators- Live Entertainment Acts 

Celebrity impersonators are professionals that can shapeshift into the form of whomever they want. By having in-depth knowledge about the celebrity of their choice, they can change into them and create a realistic- or even camp- an act where they play that character or person for the entire party. This is incredibly fun, especially for era-specific parties where you want to add a touch of authenticity to the gathering. 

Psychics for Hire

Psychics have been gracing parties since the 1800s, and they’re expected to continue doing so for the next couple hundred years. Not only are they capable of telling people their futures, but they’re also awesome at explaining the past and possibly even getting in touch with spirits. But, of course, every party will have its fair share of skeptics; you can easily brush this away by letting party guests understand they need to believe in magic for this one night and let your psychic for hire blow them away.

Cover Bands

Live music is always a great choice because it gives you entertainment and also gives guests something to do by giving them the chance to dance and put their bodies into motion. On the other hand, cover bands are awesome because they allow you to enjoy a bit of fantasy, pretending the band is actually there- while also giving you something to move and dance to.

Live Mermaids

Everyone loves something new and exciting: so why not have live mermaids at your event? Of course, you’ll need a pool or for the event to be at an aquarium, but these live mermaids will stun and excite as they swim around and seem like the real mythical creatures we all hear about as kids. They’re entertaining and breathtaking, and it doesn’t just have to be women mermaids! There are also mermen who do this, but they’re easier to find in large cities.

Stand-Up Comedians

If you have a good grasp on everyone’s sense of humor and want them to mostly stay seated during the event: it’s time to consider hiring a comedian! With the skill it takes to entertain a crowd of any size and the incredible humor that can make anyone laugh, the right comedian can change your party altogether. Make sure to make it clear what kind of event you’re throwing and who the target audience is so that the comedian won’t get it wrong and end up offending or hurting people.  

Every Act Offers Something Different

Whether you’re hiring performers for a wedding or a ten-year-olds’ birthday party: it’s important to seek out an act that will give you everything you need. Get to know the audience you’re catering to, and have fun creating an experience that will wow every attendee.