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5 Essentials for Successful Meditation

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Meditation isn’t only for the Zen monks, religious people, or the yogis. Everyone can learn meditation—train the mind and redirect thoughts to gain more focus in everyday activities. As many people discover the endless benefits of meditation, it has become one of the latest trends in health and lifestyle. The pandemic situation paved the way for the continuous rise of meditation activities, which makes complete sense because most gyms are closed, leaving people with no other option but to convert their own space into a health and wellness area to gain sanity through workouts and meditation. Meditation is training for mindfulness and awareness. This consciousness-changing technique has two forms: concentrative meditation and mindfulness meditation. In concentrative meditation, you need to focus your attention on a certain object and tune out everything else surrounding you. Meanwhile, mindfulness meditation is a creative exercise where you can just concentrate and feel the moment, without judgment or interpretation. No matter what meditation you think will suit your needs, there are some essentials for need successful meditation.

What To Prepare Before Meditating

Through the years, research shows that meditation may help relieve insomnia, reduce depression and anxiety, develop concentration, along with many other health benefits. The calming effect of meditation is believed to increase the brain’s blood flow, rewiring the brain to be more focused.

Even within the confines of your living space, you can set up a meditation atmosphere and do your self-care practice. But unlike most heavy exercises, you don’t need much equipment and accessories to meditate.

Here are the top five essentials you’ll need for successful meditation: 

1.Quiet Place

Meditation is achieving a quiet mind in a calm place. It starts with your surroundings. Settle in a place where you can find your solitude. It could be your living room, early in the morning, while everyone is still asleep. It could be your office, during lunch break while your officemates are taking lunch outside. You can find any place you think is peaceful and conducive then you can start your meditation practice there, gradually.

2. Meditation Cushion

Sitting meditation is an art and science in its own sense. If you think meditation is easy, think twice. If you’re a beginner, you may find this rigorous as you need to sit upright with no back support—seated with a straight spine.

You may need a Zafu meditation cushion to maintain your natural body curve. When you meditate, you need to keep your knees lower than your hips. Using a comfortable cushion, your legs can easily drop off the edges.

Zafu is commonly associated with the Japanese Zen practice. The term originated from China, which means ‘a sewn seat’ in English. It’s a round cushion with gathered sides. This is made with curved edges so that you can feel comfortable when sitting on the floor in the lotus position.

3. Timer

Most meditation instructions need a time element. You can start doing short meditation sessions ranging from five to ten minutes a day, then increase to a longer session. Set your alarm for a daily schedule. You can also use a meditation timer app which you can find in the app store. It should allow you to track your meditation time and play sounds that’ll signal your time is up. Meditating at the same time of the day may help you form a meditation habit.

4. Candles  

Candles aren’t only for traditional rituals but can also be used in meditation practice. Using special candles for meditation can set your mood in a meditative state. The relaxing and centering atmosphere of candles may affect your emotions and thoughts, influencing your mind to think and feel positive. You can use scented candles with aroma fragrance and non-toxic ingredients like beeswax or soy.

5. Meditation Music

Music is powerful, so is meditation. As music can alter your mood and physical body, meditation can give you inner peace. When these two are used together, both can positively create an impact on your life.

Meditation and music are deemed calming and good for the health in several ways as they’re believed to do the following:


Only when you embrace the minutes of silence in your daily life can you see improvements to your complex thoughts, feelings, or situations. Do some meditation techniques regularly to quiet your mind and enjoy their benefits on your physical and mental well-being.

Having a quiet mind through meditation can help you fully relax your mind and body, making you forget or overcome life’s stressors and pressures. Using the essentials for successful meditation can give you a great start and experience as you find time in your routine to sit, relax, and just be still. Meditate and watch as your mind travels through the silent space.