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5 Dragons Pokie

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5 Dragons pokie machine is a slot game that can help you win real money. The game offers players numerous options like Bonus Rounds, Winning Symbols, Free Spins, and Autoplay that keep the game interesting. This is a classic Aristocrat slot game but has outstanding music and unique graphics that might help you enjoy the game all the more. Continue to read if you want to learn more about free 5 Dragons pokies.

A Basic Review Of 5 Dragons Pokies

Dragons pokies is designed with an Eastern theme and like any other Aristocrat, it is a 3D, free classic video game that comes with five reels and 25 paylines. 5 Dragons pokie machine does not require a direct deposit, and you can play without worrying about registration. The free pokie game has an exciting theme with whirring of the wheels in the background. Winning combinations have an upbeat theme, and that will set the mood for playing more.

Combinations For Winning The Game 

The slot game offers numerous winning combinations. Multipliers, Scatter symbols, and Wild Symbols need to be in particular combinations to win. For example, 3, 4 or 5 scatter symbols on the reels will help you activate Player Choice Free Spins. 5 dragons have 25 paylines; therefore you have nearly 243 combinations to win the game. Like any other slot, identical symbols are considered winning combinations, and you should begin with the furthest left reel. The first four symbols on reel one should match for you to win the game. 

You can have other winnings that may result in re-spinning, retriggering and instant play. The appearance of a scatter symbol means you could win another bonus round. Scatter symbols can appear anywhere in the paytable and are associated with the wager. When scatter symbols are used to decide bonus values, the symbol’s position and the wager are considered. This  has to be considered when deciding the winning combination. 

Free Spins And Bonuses

5 Dragons pokies offer numerous free spin and bonus rounds. If you get a yellow dragon, you can get five free spins; blue will give you eight free spins, black- ten free spins red- fifteen free spins, and white- twenty free spins. Bonus rounds are given to the player if he has landed at least five dragons. This may help him land five more dragons in the future. When a particular combination or symbol appears on the paytable, the player can opt to play the bonus round or go for a free spin. However, winning a bonus round will depend on symbols and the player’s wager. 

Playing The Game 

The slot game is all about no deposit, progressive, and penny pokies. Unlike regular pokies and Vegas pokies, 5 Dragons pokies have medium volatility. However, if you want to play for low volatility, check the Highest Payout return to player or RTP and other Payouts. For example, if the suit you have chosen is correct, you will quadruple your winning. If the colour is correct, you will double your winning. This is applicable if you ‘Gamble’ all winnings. The game allows it at the end of each spins and bonus rounds. You can choose to ‘Gamble’ your winnings, but the number of spins you get is fixed at one spin. This means after each spin, you can choose to ‘Gamble’ or not ‘Gamble’ all of your winnings.

In 5 Dragons pokies games, the minimum bet is 0.01, and the maximum bet is 1. The game’s volatility can be considered medium and has an RTP of 97.17%. The game is played with the help of credit, as the coins are referred to as credits. The currency with which you are playing is adjusted as per coins and the credit.

Playing For Jackpots

The game does not offer any jackpot; progressive or otherwise. You can play for winning slots, but you cannot win any jackpots by playing 5 Dragons pokies.

Game Pay Tables

5 Dragons pokies pay tables are designed to help you win a bonus game or a free spin. The appearance of a dragon or scatter symbol on pay tables lets you win a bonus round or a free spin accordingly. If you want to win a bonus round, you need to land at least three scatter symbols. If the slot machine gives you 5 dragons, you will have triggered a 5 Dragon Feature, and you can choose to play five different pay tables. Thus, the game is designed to help you choose based on your winnings and the symbols you land. 

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Play 5 Dragon Pokies By IGT

You can play 5 Dragons pokies on your mobile phone; Android or iPhone. The slot game is designed to be installed and played on laptops and computers and you can play on the go. You must understand the game’s nuances and features. For example, only bet on paylines you think will produce maximum scatter symbols. These can help you win more bonus spins, increasing your chances of winning the game.

Winning The Game

Although you cannot win jackpots in 5 Dragons pokies, you can have nearly 243 winning combinations. Symbols that are used are Dragon, Fish, Turtle, Bird, and Red Envelope. Each symbol comes with a particular value. You have to land these with a particular combination consecutively on a good payline. The combinations will differ and your wagers need to change accordingly. Depending on your bet and the combinations, you can win a game.

Bonus Symbols 

One of the most attractive features of the game are the bonus symbols which allow players to win bonus rounds. Depending on symbols and the combination in which they appear, you can get an extra number of spins, and improve your chances of winning. Some bonus symbols which appear in the game are:

  1. The Wild symbol is a green dragon. If it appears on paytable, it overrides all other symbols and constitutes a win. However, it has to be compared to the wager and only then will the game be declared.
  2. Scatter symbol is a gold coin. It can’t appear just anywhere on the paytable. It has to appear from left to right. The symbol’s position and the number of scatter symbols on a paytable will decide your bonus round. Scatter symbols will be compared to the wager. Unlike wild symbols, scatter symbols can be rejected if inconsistent with the wager.
  3. Red Envelope lets you win extra coins which you can wager further. Red Envelope appears only on reel 1 or on reel 5. The number of extra coins you receive is decided by the system and can range anywhere between five and fifty coins.
  4. Bonus rounds are granted only if you have landed three scatter symbols from left to right.

Bonus symbols are primarily gold coins or green dragons. However, their position on the paytable, the wager you have made, and the number of symbols plays a crucial role in deciding whether you will get a bonus round.

The game offers the player an option to ‘Gamble.’ At the end of winning, he can wager everything he has won. If you ‘Gamble,’ then the game will take you to another screen to play slot machine again. If you choose the correct suit on a paytable, your winnings will be multiplied by four, and if the color matches, it will become twice the original value. 

Why Play The Bonus Rounds?

When you play 5 Dragons pokies, your objective is only to win the game, but also to feel the adrenaline rush of the slot game. Bonus rounds offered by the game do just that. One of the game’s bonus rounds allows you to win a pot of gold after free spins. Undoubtedly, a pot of gold is symbolic, and it means you get more spins, coins, and credit. The pot of gold also allows you to access additional features associated with the game. Thus, you will not gain access to the additional features and promotions that the game offers unless you play bonus rounds. Bonus rounds are designed based on colours. For example, the appearance of a white dragon means you get twenty free spins. You can now play twenty free games and the multiplier value will be 2, 3, or 5 times the original value. Similarly, if a blue dragon appears on a paytable, you get 8 free spins, and the multiplier values can be 8,10, or 15. Thus, bonus rounds keep the game dynamic and make sure that you have a chance to play more rounds.

Similarly, if you see a red dragon on a paytable, you can gain 15 new spins, and the multiplier values can range anywhere between 3, 5, and 8. The slot game also offers a bonus symbol of a black dragon which gives the player a chance to play ten free games or spins with a multiplier of five, eight, or ten. If a paytable has a yellow dragon, you can win five free spins and multiplier values of ten, fifteen, or thirty. 

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Bonus rounds also play an essential role in educating payers about in-game promotions. These promotions can be in the form of benefits that let you play other slot games or connect you to other casinos. When you start playing the bonus rounds by pressing the ‘play now’ button, it will take you to another page or even to a connecting casino where you can play the bonus round. This makes it easier for you to play the same game from multiple casinos, perhaps improving your chances to win. Bonus rounds are incorporated into the game to help you plan your game and win more free spins. When you win a bonus round, check the multipliers and then place your wagers.  

Chances Of Winning

When you play 5 Dragons pokies, it is important to analyse your chances of winning. The first thing that you must understand is that the game has a medium level of volatility. Hence, chances of winning are reasonably high. Your objective should be to select the wager and choose a paytable that will provide you with a combination consistent with your wager. This can give you bonus symbols that could increase your chances of winning as it increases the number of spins.

Now you must be thinking, what is the winning combination? There is no perfect winning combination as the paytable offers nearly 243 winning combinations. The combination is always evaluated from the leftmost end of the reel. Symbol and colour must be the same. It will be checked from the leftmost end of the reel and move across the paytable. This will give you the winning combination.

If I do not get the winning combination, what can I get with each spin? The slot game offers you chances to win bonus rounds after each spin. For example, you can win a pot of gold at the end of each free spin to trigger more bonus games. This can improve your chances of winning. But the pot of gold is unpredictable and usually appears if you haven’t won a scatter symbol for some time. If you see a pot of gold at the end of a spin, you could take a chance and play for the extra spins. The most important thing that you should consider is using bonus rounds and bonus spins. 

Some Tips And Strategies To Win The Game

When you play 5 Dragons pokies read the tips first, it is vital to check the wager you make on the paytable and accordingly convert it to your currency. It would help if you wagered according to the condition of the paytable. For example, if you land a dragon 5 times on a valid paytable and you have wagered twenty coins, then you will receive a total of 5 times 800 coins which makes 4000 coins. This is indeed a winning streak. But this may not be the same for the following paytable, so you might want to change your wager and reduce it for the following paytable. Hence, it is good to keep changing your wagers and make it suitable for paytables. You must keep in mind to keep checking for scatter symbols and bonus symbols to play bonus rounds. This can significantly increase your chances of winning. 

Downloading And Registering For The Game 

5 Dragons pokies does not require separate registration for the game. You can play this game directly from your mobile device without downloading or registering.

If you are looking to play for real money, then 5 Dragons pokies are the best online slot games. You can easily convert credits to currency and transfer them to your account. The game offers completely secure transactions with no chance of fraud. You can invest in the game directly from your account. On receiving the receipt you can have the winning amount transferred to your account. Security offered by the system makes it easy for you to play for real money. 5 Dragons pokies are one of the few online casinos that play for real money.

The game is designed to help both novice and veteran slot players enjoy online casino games. If you want to understand the game, you can play it free of charge, and if you feel you have understood the game, play it for real money. And additionally, here is the full list for the Dragons-themed games lovers with more than 20 Dragon-themed games popular worldwide!