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5 Creative Ways to Earn Backlinks – SEO Glasgow

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If you run a website, you probably asked yourself: how you can generate organic traffic?

You can do this by opting to buy backlinks from services such as Spicy Pepper.

Another way is by building external links yourself. However, the relevance and authority of these backlinks are what makes or breaks your conversion rates and website ranking. If you need additional assistance or direction check out an SEO Glasgow company to assist you with SEO services in Glasgow.

With backlinks taking over the SEO landscape in Glasgow and the world, here are five creative ways to earn backlinks.


Become a Source

As obvious as it may seem, the first way to earn backlinks is by creating engaging and unique content that’s backlink-worthy. The best part is every time your website is linked, you gain a backlink.

By using analytical tools, you can include data, the latest news and other forms of engaging content to become a source for content creators out there.

Alternatively, you can even reach out to bloggers and journalists who’re actively looking for contributors yourself! You can pick and choose which writers match your brand vision and style, and build up backlinks in this way or even buy backlinks.

However, make sure you’re fast because speed is actually what matters. The quicker your response to queries, the higher the chances of your website being chosen.

Add Visuals

It’s no brainer that the internet is a highly visual platform.

When was the last time you preferred to read an entire passage over a visual representation, such as a chart or graph, that summarised everything?

In a post information age your customer wants to consume information quickly. Take this to your advantage and engage your audience with unique videos, images and infographics wherever possible.

Stay Updated


Another straightforward way to get backlinks is by staying updated on the latest news. Keep an eye out for what’s hot and what’s not, what’s trending and what’s not in the SEO Glasgow landscape. 

This way, you can identify specific trending topics that resonate with you and respond to them by commenting on them through videos and blog posts. However, make sure that your response is honest and to the point and relevant.

The main aim of addressing trends is to provide your audience with a well-researched examination of said issue.

Competitive Analysis

To run any successful business, it’s crucial to always look out for what your competitors are doing that you aren’t.

By conducting a quick, competitive analysis, you can identify websites that externally link to your competitors’ websites but not to yours. You can then easily piggyback on this information by reaching out to the source and requesting a backlink.


The skyscraper technique involves creating content on a particular topic that is exceptionally detailed—the more detailed your copy, the more chances of it getting backlinked.

However, you need to be ready to put in a ton of effort. This includes doing extensive research, standing out from the rest and using pictorial representations.

Final Words

Whether you buy backlinks or build them, either way, they’re an excellent way to boost your conversion rates and website ranking locally in Glasgow and beyond.

All you need to do is make sure they’re relevant and reliable!