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5 Best Mountaineering Peaks in Nepal for Adventure Game Lovers

Best Mountaineering Peaks in Nepal



Are you a beginner mountaineer and searching for easy and short mountaineering trips? What better place to learn mountaineering than the country with the highest mountain in the world. As we all know, Nepal is the second richest country in water resources. This is because of the numerous mountains it has. 

Apart from the world’s highest mountains in the world, Nepal is famous for various other peaks which make great learning and experience gathering points for mountaineers. 

Especially for a beginner like you, Nepal is a great learning ground. So what mountains should you try climbing to improve your beginner mountaineering skills? Don’t worry we have compiled a list of mountaineering peaks for adventure sport lovers in Nepal. 

With the following 5 mountaineering peaks for beginners, you will soon develop your mountaineering skills and be a professional in no time. 

5 Best Mountaineering Peaks for Adventure Outdoor Game Lovers 

Island Peak Climbing

Maximum Altitude: 6189 meters

Days:15 days

Island Peak Climbing is one of the most popular beginners’ mountaineering peaks in Nepal. Being a peak under 6500 meters, it is best suited for beginners to learn and hone their mountaineering skills further. 

Even though it is over 6000 meters, the climb is non-technical. This means you do not need any technical climbing prior knowledge for this climb making it great for beginners. You will, however, get a half-day training from our company regarding the climb and how to use the required gear. 

Being a 15 days Island Peak Climbing, this mountaineering peak is great for beginners as this does not wear them out on their first try. On this beautiful and adventurous climb following the Everest Base Camp routes, you will get to witness great views and learn various tips and tricks regarding mountaineering. This is a great experience for your future mountaineering opportunities. 

Mera Peak Climbing

Maximum Altitude: 6476 meters

Days: 20  days

Mera Peak Climbing is a famous climbing destination for beginners with less to no skills of climbing. Covering its main three summits Mera North, Mera Central, and Mera South, the highest point of this climbing expedition is 6476 at Mera North. 

The 18 days Mera Peak climbing is relatively easier than other climbing peaks as the days are also numbered less than 20 days where some take more than a month to the summit. The elevation changes around 400 to 600 meters a day so there is not much of a difficulty for beginners as well.

Mera Peak is one of the best mountaineering peaks to climb for beginners as it is a non-technical climb with great views. You will have to trek, hike, and climb around 5-6 hours a day on average during your Mera Peak Climbing expedition. The trails are remote and the climb gets rocky as you get higher in the altitude. However, with our professional guides helping and guiding you on using the basic gears, you will reach the summit easily and safely. 

Dhampus Peak Climbing

Maximum Altitude: 6012 meters

Days: 24 days

If you are searching for more remote or less crowded areas of Nepal, Dhanpus Peak Climbing is the one for you. Located in the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Ranges, the path is less beaten in Dhampus. 

With great views of the mountains and the beautiful cities underneath, Dhampus Peak Climbing takes you to the maximum altitude of 6012 meters. It is an easy mountaineering peak for beginners as you do not get to extremely high altitudes. No technical or other special skill set is required for climbing the Dhampus Peak. 

With proper physical and mental preparation, you can easily overcome this peak. The 24 days peak climbing adventure takes you through the Italian Base Camp, Dhaulagiri Base Camp, and finally the Dhampus Base Camp. 

Lobuche East Peak Climbing 

Maximum Altitude: 6119 meters

Days: 18 days

Another popular mountain climbing destination for beginners is the Lobuche Peak Climbing via Everest Base Camp Trek. This climbing expedition takes you to the summit of Lobuche East passing through the Everest Base Camp Trek routes.

The 18 days Lobuche Peak Climbing with Everest Base Camp Trek is great for beginners as this adventurous climb does not require any special training or experience. However, Lobuche west is not an easy climb with many technical sessions. So for the beginners, it is best to stick to the Lobuche East Peak climbing and gain more experience for the Lobuche West Climb.

The Lobuche East Peak Climbing route takes you through the same routes as the Everest Base Camp Trek so you can also get to experience the Base Camp of the highest mountain in the world. The climbing expedition takes you to the highest altitude of 6119 meters. 

Pokalde Peak

Maximum Altitude: 5806 meters

Days: 16 days

This is one of the small peaks that is mostly climbed along with other peaks like the Island and the Lobuche peak. However, as a beginner, you should try this beautiful peak climbing experience with only Pokalde Peak. 

Reaching an altitude of 5806 meters is a great feat for beginners and helps provide the skills and experience regarding the use of equipment. Following the Everest Base Camp Trek route, you will deviate from Dingboche to Pokalde Base Camp and then make your summit to the beautiful Pokalde Peak. 

Although it is not as high as the other peaks, it is a gorgeous peak with great views and a great ground for the experience. 

Essential Climbing Gears and Equipment

No trip is successful without proper preparation. Especially when it comes to mountaineering for beginners. Beginners should be extra careful and prepared not only to learn new skills and gain new experience but for their own safety as well. There will be experienced crew members along with training on how to use the right equipment but still, safety measures are a must. For that, you should first learn about the basic essential climbing gears for mountaineering for beginners. 

With proper guidance and experience, you will be able to understand and use the above equipment and gears easily for your next climb. Our company provides you with a half-day training on the use of this equipment for avoiding any safety hazards. Also, you will be accompanied by a crew of professionals who will guide and take care of you throughout the climb. We hope you can now decide on which one of the 5 best mountaineering peaks to climb for beginners and soon be experienced enough for the more thrilling ones. 

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