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5 Best Logic Puzzles In The Market

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Logic puzzles are a true work of art. These test your reasoning abilities and encourage you to get better each time. Once you get the hang of the gameplay, you’re able to identify the common patterns and themes that get you through. If you’re ready to take a challenge, try these top 5 logic puzzles easily available in the online market:


Using logic and no guesswork, you aim to color blocks in a grid to unleash a hidden pixel image underneath. Also called as Griddlers and Picross, this logic puzzle is a relaxing yet challenging game that’s great for both beginners and pro players. Using deduction skills, you discover images according to the numerical clues listed outside the grid. Daily and seasonal challenges are part of the puzzle for fun and entertainment. If you enjoy picture puzzles, Griddlers or is the one for you!

  1. Unblock Me

Unblock Me

This is a challenging yet stimulating game where you start with easy puzzles, and as you escalate, it gets tougher. But that’s the appeal of this game. Blocks on the plying board are positioned horizontally and vertically, and your aim is to free the way for the red block. You’ll undoubtedly get addicted to the gameplay once you start playing.


  1. That Level Again 3

That Level Again 3

Looks like some horror story? Not really! That Level Again is a cute logic puzzle where the levels are just the same, but ways to solve them are all different. Why is it fun? The main characters, a lovey-dovey couple, have only one aim, and that’s to leave the house – you’ve to help them escape with a key! This makes the game pretty impressive.


  1. Logic Master 2

Logic Master 2

This tricky yet brilliant logic puzzle demands you to reach creative solutions. Every level consists of a few sequential questions. Various achievements help you gain more and more rewards. For instance, the levels ask you to place some shapes into the dashed areas, fill the petrol tank, smile with white teeth, or shoo a fly without killing it. You cannot find a crazier puzzle than this to become an ultimate mastermind. 

  1. Dreamcage Escape

 Dreamcage Escape

This is yet another escape puzzle where you’ve to make your way out of a strange world full of cages. The graphics are immersive, and the storyline is addicting. You search for hints, use different tools, and apply logic to get through. You’ll be so absorbed in the gameplay that you’ll want more. 


This quick list has something for everyone. 

Hope you find your favorite. Let us know if you try any of these!