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5 Best Android TV Apps Every Entertainment Lover Must Have

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With the increasing number of devices due to technological advancement, we all have something to do every time. Whether it is watching movies, playing games, or listening to music, you can get your device connected to the internet and do whatever you like to. The problem lies in finding the best internet provider in your area. But don’t worry, if you are getting Spectrum internet in your area, you can sign up for it. In case, you are facing any trouble, you can simply refer to spectrum servicio al cliente en español for timely assistance. If you are an Android lover, you might have invested in a big Android TV to get a full dose of entertainment at all times. However, to watch your favorite shows and series, you need to have some apps installed on it. Here are some of the best Android TV apps you must install for more entertainment. 


Netflix is the most anticipated and popular streaming service where you can find thousands of movies, TV series, documentaries, Netflix Originals. You can find everything on it to binge-watch shows and movies on weekends. The award-winning series, stand-up specials, and documentaries are all waiting for you to run on your crystal clear Android TV

Moreover, you can also download shows for later viewing if you don’t want to connect to your internet. Create up to 5 profiles and get shows and movies recommendation according to your interest. The best thing is you can enjoy family entertainment with your kids as well. 

MX Player

If you have been searching for an application that can offer you subtitle and hardware acceleration, you can install MX Player on your Android TV. MX Player also allows you to share apps, files, and music by clicking MX file transfer. 

The hardware acceleration feature can be applied to almost any video with the help of the HW+ decoder. The best thing about MX Player is that it supports multiple core decoding and has shown performance up to 70 percent better than single-core devices. If you have to leave your kids alone at home, you can even apply kids’ locks so that they can’t view or share any inappropriate apps. 


Sling TV is another great app for your Android TV that offers a wide range of TV channels including news, sports, and lifestyle. If you want to cut the cord completely, Sling TV is a better alternative. Some of the cable channels you would get with Sling TV are Food Network, ESPN, BBC, NFL, and CNBC. The app is free to install, but you need to pay for the services to watch live TV. 

Talking about the user interface and user experience, Sling TV is quite intuitive and minimalistic. If you have been stalking for the best streaming platform with live TV channels, Sling TV is the best option to go for. The best part is that it comes with cloud-based DVR recording. Watch your favorite shows in your own free time

Solid Explorer

Managing all your files and applications is quite challenging unless you have Solid Explorer installed on your Android TV. The application will allow you to navigate and explore everything present on your device. You can also easily search for required files by applying filters or by searching through the search button on the top. 

Solid Explorer is also good at protecting your files with AES encryption by putting them in a secure folder. By keeping your important files in a protected folder, it would be impossible for other apps to read the file. The only way to access files and folders is to type in a password or touch a fingerprint sensor to browse the folder. Even if you uninstall Solid Explorer, your file will remain protected. 


You might find everything on your Android TV by installing different apps. But if you are looking for global and local news, make sure to install Haystack on your device. From local news broadcasts to international breaking news, everything is available with the touch of a button. All you require will be offered free of cost. 

Summing Up

Buying an Android TV is challenging, but choosing the best apps for Android TV is more hectic. Consider the aforementioned apps for your Android TV to get the most out of your device.