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5 Apps every student should be using

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Isn’t technology an incredible thing? Moreover, if you combine technology and studying together, you just can’t get enough help. So, here, I did some research work for you and found 5 incredible apps, which are directed towards ensuring that you are always on track with your study material. Let’s take a look at these apps one by one.


 First – My Study Life

My Study Life is available on all platforms like Android, iOS, Chrome, and Windows. Maira, who works with a website that writes essays for yousays that My Study Life is an incredible app to start your new semester or year with. The app functions as a planner, but has way more flexibility than any other paper planner. The primary concern associated with the selection of the planner is the rigidity in the schedule. It might be daily, weekly, or even hourly, and at most times, every page looks just the same. However, that’s not how things happen in real life. On some days, you may be busy while on other days you might not be just as busy.

The most attractive feature of the app is that on it you can add rotating schedules to it. Further, with the app, you can even pick the layout of your choice.

Second – Evernote

 For students seeking notes, data, or research services, Evernote is the most ideal platform for you. You can get the basic version of the app for free. It syncs everything between your mobile devices and computer. If you are an occasional or a new user, the basic package would suffice.

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With Evernote, you can comprise all the information, and then put it all together in one place. For instance, if you are writing a paper, you can clip the requisite information that you need for various articles and websites, and then save it all together on just one page. So, in simple terms, Evernote is nothing but an electronic folder for all of your notes. It means that you don’t have to go through a pile of papers to seek what you need.

Third – Quizlet

Sophie, who offers online assignment helpsays that today a lot of teachers have started including the use of Quizlet in their classes. If sources are to be believed, more than 40 million people globally employ the use of Quizlet every month. So, what’s Quizlet? In Quizlet, you can do a bunch of things, such as study games website, quiz, or create your flashcard. It is a free app that you can refer to for your studying.

With the app, you can take practice tests, make your digital flashcards, and do a lot more. Teachers, too, employ the use of the app to take assignments or assign homework quizzes.

 Fourth – Study Buddy

Study Buddy is an exceptionally affordable app that is available only for iOS. It is not free. So, for the app, you’ll have to pay $0.99. If truth be told, Study Buddy is more like an electronic buddy, which is helpful for you to keep a tab on your studies. So, with this app, you can see the breakdown of how you spend your time.

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For anyone who gets distracted easily by things, such as Snapchat, text messages, alerts, emails, etc., this app is perfect for you. It not only helps you stay on track but also displays a graph of the time you spent studying vs. the time you wasted. Hence, no more lying to yourself. Just stay focussed and get studying.

Fifth – SimpleMind

The most ideal way to organize your thoughts is via a graphic organizer. So, with an app like SimpleMind, you can accentuate your memory via mind maps for keeping a track of the ideas or brainstorming. Further, you can also find a multitude of functions available on the platform. So, with SimpleMind, you have to map out your ideas. To it, you can also add videos, pictures, websites, and the notes to your chart.

Whenever you need the means to connect your ideas or explain your thoughts, it is the tool for you. SimpleMind can be downloaded on Windows, iOS, or Android. The app is free for use. However, for premium features, you will have to pay $4.99.

So, these, are the top 5 study apps, which are going to be incredibly helpful for the students. You can download these apps and they’ll go a long way in helping you with your studies and homework on everyday basis.