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40+ Australia Gambling Statistics for 2021

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Australians love to spend time playing online pokies free. Besides these fun and programmed slot games and table games, Aussies are fascinated to challenge the odds-on sports betting. Australia is where casino gaming is regulated further legislated by the Commonwealth to keep proper casino operations. Australia Gambling Statistics-

Australian Gambling Statistics / Data

Online Cricket Betting ID operations in Australia are being recorded through a database initiated by the Australian Gambling Statistics or AGS. Some of the states and territories have also created their development.

  • Tasmania tops gambling on sports betting, which contributed more to the government revenue.
  • Australian Capital Territory considers the Gambling and Racing Control Act 1999 as its primary legislation supporting racing and gaming activities.
  • Northern Territory holds six legislations and has not yet created further developments.

Let Us Take a Look at the Australia Gambling Statistics

  1. Australia ranks second with $736: AGS determines not only the government revenue coming from the gambling taxes. The $736 revenue is from gambling activities done by visitors.
  2. Aussies spend almost $18 billion annually: Based on gambling statistics, gamblers in Australia bet more without compromising the money they can risk losing. And according to Dr. Andrew Armstrong, “An average regular gambler spent an estimated $1,272.”
  3. Among Australians, 6.8 million are regular gamblers: Aussies play more on lottery or scratch tickets, as per Dr. Jennifer Baxter, the AGRC manager. Most of them are represented by males aging from 50 years and above.
  4. Money is mainly used to wager on card games and scratch tickets: An estimation of $3,674 is spent on card games like poker and other casino Cricket ID games, including scratch tickets. 
  5. Tasmania has the highest gaming turnover: In 2015, Tasmania went nearly up to $350 for the total amount wagered by gamblers. 
  6. Female gamblers in Australia are reaching the other party: Based on the distribution of gender in 2015, 35.2% of the representation are female gamblers.
  7. 2.9 million Australian gamblers over 18 play slot machines: As young as 19, one can already try playing casino games like slot games, and there are 16% of the population does this gambling activity. Also, 42% play these kinds of games once a week.
  8. From 2019-2020, Aussies bet almost 12 billion dollars: For horse racing, the annual turnover was $21 billion compared to the previous year, which has increased by 0.7%. But in a total of all sports betting races, there has been a drop of 18%.
  9. Victoria includes five reform acts in regulating the gambling activities within the state: All updates about Victorian gambling can also be accessed through their website. 
  10. Several legislations have guided New South Wales: For New South Wales, there are 15 legislations based on the current release of AGS. 
  11. The best website in Australia is Sportsbet: This Irish-owned website is where most Australian casino players safely place their bet amount.
  12. Approximately 8.4 million worth of scratch tickets and lottery were sold in Australia: In 2018, the total amount spent on these gambling activities was 8.6 million. 
  13. The recent average profit from gambling is around 5 billion dollars: The annual income from gambling is $5 billion, as estimated. This is being monitored by regulating bodies to be included in their database.
  14. Western Australia has already decided to sell the WATAB: This was done for the wagering to be licensed and at ease on the gambler’s side.
  15. South Australia patronizes the NCPF: PDF stands for National Consumer Protection Framework for Interactive Wagering. Thus, its government sees to it that commercial gambling in South Australia will be improved.
  16. A majority of Aussie gamblers are men: As for the latest data, 54.2% are regular male gamblers, and 51% are female gamblers in Australia.
  17. Women bet lower on sports: While men do their luck on sports betting at 88%, women take this activity only 12% of their time and effort. They gamble only at a rate of 19.1% on racing events.
  18. Regular gamblers are also full-time employees: Australians within the income range from $54,000 to $73,000, some of them fulfill the 20.8% regular gambling individuals.
  19. There is a more significant number on sports betting: Based on the age bracket, 4.9% or 35-49 years old are fond of leisure.
  20. Tasmania tops gambling on sports betting: The performance of gamblers coming from Tasmania contributes more to the government revenue because of the number of gamblers that focus on sports.
  21. Adults are fond of sports betting: Based on the present data, there are more than 620,000 Aussie adults who bet more on sports. 
  22. Casino houses are distributed in Australia: There are casinos in hotels and pubs that are registered.
  23. There are 3000 land-based Australian casinos: Although online gambling is popular, Aussies gamblers and visitors go to casino houses to relax and have fun.
  24. More casino gaming machines for the previous years: Australia already has more than 200,000 gaming machines starting 2018. 
  25. Visitors made the GVA grow: The activity usually happens inside hotels that the state’s legislators accredit.
  26. Young Aussies start gambling early: 16% of the young generation practice gambling.
  27. Boys under 18 years old gamble: 20% of the boys start to gamble, and 12.5% of the girls.
  28. As a result, $11,500 is being contributed yearly: An average Aussie player contributes this amount summing up all the games played for a year.
  29. People gambled more amidst the Covid pandemic: There 37% of visitors engaged with casino gaming on land-based casinos.
  30. Five casinos became more popular in Australia: These are the Joe Fortune Pokies, Woo Casino, Aussie Play, NicPokies, and Ignition.
  31. I am gambling from 4 to 5 days a week: There are 32% of the Australian population who pushed through on gambling during the lockdown.
  32. The most visited website was Ignition: Aussies played more on Ignition, which created more than 400,000 users from March 2020 to March 2021.
  33. Gambling for less decreased: Based on the existing data, 32% gamble less within a week.
  34. Australia tops the gambling industry: The country was included in the top 10 internationally.
  35. New South Wales hail in 2018: The state made a turnover of $96 billion.
  36. Therefore, $4.8 billion was the total expenditure: This was the amount released to reflect gaming machines, casino spending, and other relevant categories.
  37. Race betting has billions of expenditures: From 2018 to 2019, the race betting total expenditure was $3.5 billion.
  38. Gambling risks also increased: 79% of the Australian population was exposed to gambling problems.
  39. Gambling affected family relationships in Australia: 96% of the households were at risk due to irresponsible gambling.
  40. Gambling addiction was more with females: 89% of the female population struggle with doing gambling activities compared to males.