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4 Reasons You’ll Love the Characters of Stargirl

Follows Courtney Whitmore as she recruits her new high school friends to join a superhero squad.

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If you haven’t yet checked out Star Girl from executive producer Geoff Johns, you’re missing out on some of the most compelling characters on television today. Stargirl follows Courtney Whitmore as she becomes the title character and recruits her new high school friends to join a superhero squad.

The show is a fun and exciting addition to the superhero genre with characters that set it apart from other stories on television. Here are four reasons you’ll love the characters of Stargirl:


Courtney’s Enthusiasm and Relatability

Brec Bassinger’s Courtney Whitemore is an optimistic and charming main character. Viewers will find her internal struggles relatable as she deals not only with becoming the superhero Stargirl but also the everyday high school pressures of an average teenager. Her strong sense of right and wrong and desire to do good make her a truly outstanding character.

Courtney’s good qualities could verge an irritating in another show, but the show’s creators handle her perfectly, creating an endearing and inspiring main character.

Interesting Adults

Adults in teen shows are often merely background characters. They serve as tools to move the plot forward or as obstacles for the teen characters. In Stargirl, the adult characters are just as complex as the teens, with interesting backstories and complicated motivations. Luke Wilson’s role as Courtney’s stepfather Pat is one of the standout roles of the series. His own background as a sidekick to a superhero makes for an interesting character study, and his commitment to Courtney and the rest of his family is heartwarming. You’ll fall in love with this character’s goofy personality as he navigates the intricacies of being a stepfather to a superhero while reckoning with his own unique past.

Stargirl’s Group of Friends

Courtney gathers a group of unlikely friends around her and recruits them to her superhero squad. Anjelika Washington’s Beth is a quirky and funny addition to the group, and Yvette Monreal’s Yolanda is the strong supporter Courtney needs. Cameron Gellman’s Rick provides a stark contrast to Courtney’s positivity that nevertheless will captivate viewers.

Stargirl is about more than just the title character finding her way as a superhero. The show is also about empowering many different characters to become a force for good in the world. Courtney’s group of friends are more than just sidekicks to her journey. They are on unique journeys of their own, and viewers are sure to find a character to relate to.

The Children of Villains

The villains of Stargirl are not your average bad guys. They have kids, and those kids make for an interesting story. For one of those children, in particular, Cindy Burman, viewers are presented with an energetic and sometimes sympathetic villain who often steals the scene. Viewers can also look forward to following the family dynamics of the children of the show’s bad guys as the story explores the challenges of growing up with a baddie for a parent.

With its multidimensional characters and their interesting motivations, Stargirl is sure to make you fall in love with the people that give the story its heart.