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4 products for natural gardening

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Are you not too fond of using harsh chemicals in your natural gardening? Or do you just like to reuse products you already have at home? Then this article is something for you! We talk about 4 handy products that you might already have in your house, that you can use in your garden. And of course without any harsh chemicals in them! From natural pest solutions to natural fertilizers, you have a lot at home you can use for your natural gardening. 


Coffee grinds as fertilizer

Do you enjoy your daily cup of coffee in the morning? Then you’ve probably thrown away bags and bags of coffee grinds over the years. If your grinds still contain caffeine (depending on how you make your coffee!), they are a great fertilizer for plants. Don’t throw out your grinds straight away but let them dry first; wet coffee can grow fungus, which isn’t good for your plants. 

Vinegar to get rid of weeds

Weeds can grow in the tiniest cracks of your pavement and the weirdest spots. If you’re also in a war with weeds, vinegar can help you out. Pour vinegar in a handy spray bottle, so you can spray the weeds in very controlled bursts. Not only does vinegar kill those annoying weeds, it’s super multifunctional. You can also use vinegar to soak your gardening tools in to get rid of rust, it also makes the dull plastic of plastic garden furniture shine again. 

Nematodes as pesticide

There are few things more annoying than seeing pests destroy your beloved garden plants. There are a few old-school tricks that still work, such as making a blend of spices such as chili powder and cayenne pepper to attack pests. Nematodes (Dutch: aaltjes) also work wonders, but you might need to buy these in a gardeninc center. For instance, if you treat your soil with nematodes when you have ants, the ants will not tolerate the nematodes near their nests and leave the area. Handy, right? You can get them in almost all gardening centers – just don’t forget your mask and disinfectant (Dutch: ontsmettingsmiddel) if you go shopping in an actual store! 

Egg cartons

Do you often eat eggs? Then don’t throw your egg carton away for once! The way a carton is made, makes it ideal to plant seeds in the different compartments. Just fill your egg carton with soil and start planting! Once your seeds are sprouting, you can cut your egg carton into pieces and plant the seeds in the compartments directly into the ground. Handy, right? 

Good luck with your natural gardening!